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Chuck Jones Image of the Day: The Dot and the Line

There really aren't enough superlatives to adequately describe the beauty of this short film.  From its perfect screenplay to its totes awesome animation and all of the ingredients in-between (layouts, voice over, sound effects, color, pacing) Chuck Jones's 1966 Oscar-winning "The Dot and the Line" will always be a perfect work of art.  

Robert Storr, Dean of the Yale School of Art has said, “Great art is essentially work that has proven inexhaustible in terms of value it gives to those who pay attention to it.  It says ‘I am in the present tense despite the fact that I was made five or fifty years ago.’”

We had stumbled upon this advertisement that MGM had placed in Variety when "The Dot and the Line" was nominated for an Oscar on our way to something else, but it stopped us long enough to share it with you and to share the animated film as well.  Enjoy!

DOLI-01-11 copy

Image of the Day: Is It Too Early?

Earlier this week we came across a box of delightful sketches by Chuck Jones at the Chuck Jones Archive. Looking through them, these three really stuck out (in a good way,) but we thought maybe we should hold back on showing them until a little closer to Christmas, after all it's only November 6th, but they're such wonderful drawings that we couldn't wait.  So enjoy (and forgive us for jumping the gun on the upcoming holidays!)   

SKAC-01-044 copy

It is fascinating to see how Chuck Jones structured his drawings.  These sketches give you an inside track on the mechanics of draftsmanship; just look at those lines and circles that delineate the reindeer's body, for instance, and the wonderful sense of the character's personality expressed so simply.

SKAC-01-070 copy

Even bears need help getting the star up on the top of the tree.  

SKAC-01-076 copy

In just over 30 lines, Chuck has told you everything you need to know about the reindeer at the bottom of the sheet of paper pictured above.  That's remarkable draftsmanship.