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We Get Mail: The History of Animation with Linda Jones Clough

Chuck’s daughter and Emmy Award-winning producer, Linda Jones Clough, was in New York this past weekend for the 25th anniversary performances of George Daugherty’s “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony”.

While in the lobby of Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s information kiosk, she met an animation student, Gabe Schleifer. Gabe sent us this email this morning:

“Hello, this email is for Linda Jones. My name is Gabriel Schleifer, I’m a 3rd year animation student at The School of Visual Arts. She and I met at Lincoln Center a few days ago during the Bugs Bunny at the Symphony concert where she and her granddaughter were promoting the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

“I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time chatting with you about your father and about the foundation, not to mention all of the talented artists who are already helping. It’s wonderful to be able to speak to someone who is, in some way or another, a part of the history of this extraordinary art form and is making sure the revolutions of it’s pioneers lives on.

“Here are a couple of photos taken from the event. I plan to stay in touch with this organization.”

Thanks again! Gabe Schleifer

Linda Jones Clough, center, with correspondent and animation student, Gabe Schleifer, right, and his friend.

Linda Jones Clough, center, with correspondent and animation student, Gabe Schleifer, right, and his friend.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered! Artists Make Their Mark at the Chuck Jones Gallery

Last night at a dinner for the entire staff of the Chuck Jones Gallery, it’s parent company, Linda Jones Enterprises, and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, several artists represented by LJE and the Gallery were asked to sign the 10′ x 8′ pivot door that separates the gallery from its offices.


But first, there was rope-jumping (allegedly) with artist Jimmy Mulligan.

Chris Scardino, the Center's resident teaching artist, with Carol Erickson, an art consultant at the gallery, greet the other guests.

Chris Scardino, the Center’s resident teaching artist, with Carol Erickson, an art consultant at the gallery, greet the other guests.

Christina Stone, from left, with artist T.J. Novy, Sarah Knox, Erin Liddell, and Kate Bowerman of the Chuck Jones Gallery--San Diego.

Christina Stone, from left, with artist T.J. Novy, Sarah Knox, Erin Liddell, and Kate Bowerman of the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego.

Joel Shapiro, art consultant extraordinaire at the Chuck Jones Gallery--San Diego, greets founder Linda Jones Clough and her husband, Jim.

Joel Shapiro, art consultant extraordinaire at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego, greets founder Linda Jones Clough and her husband, Jim.


Erin Liddell, left, with New Yorker cartoonist Eric Teitelbaum and his wife Amy.

Caught in a noir moment are artist Bob Elias flanked by the beautiful Sherri (left) and the exquisite Dana.  (You do know how to whistle, don't you?)

Caught in a noir moment are artist Bob Elias flanked by the beautiful Sherri (left) and the exquisite Dana. (You do know how to whistle, don’t you?)

There was food from El Pollo Norteno--yummy!

There was food from El Pollo Norteno–yummy!

There was speechifying by our fearless leader, Craig Kausen.

There was speechifying by our fearless leader, Craig Kausen.

Artist Daniel Killen makes the scene.

Artist Daniel Killen makes the scene.

Bob Elias signs the door (before revisions.)

Bob Elias signs the door (before revisions.)

Mike Kungl approves this message, uh, signature.

Mike Kungl approves this message, uh, signature.

Glen Tarnowski adds his "Glen Tarnowski" to the door.

Glen Tarnowski adds his “Glen Tarnowski” to the door.

Tom Novy, he of the mosaic tile (but not what you think 'mosaic' or 'tile' mean), boxes his signature.

Tom Novy, he of the mosaic tile (but not what you think ‘mosaic’ or ’tile’ mean), boxes his signature.

Daniel Killen wields a mean Sharpie!

Daniel Killen wields a mean Sharpie!

Artist, muralist, and pirate (and singer, actor, model), Jimmy Mulligan ups the ante.

Artist, muralist, and pirate (and singer, actor, model), Jimmy Mulligan ups the ante.

But Eric Teitelbaum is up to the challenge and leaves us with a delectable portrait of the Pink Panther! (More about that in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!)

But Eric Teitelbaum is up to the challenge and leaves us with a delectable portrait of the Pink Panther! (More about that in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!)

The evening ended with a dart round robin (yours truly, with partner Dana Kungl, made it to the semi-finals!). Woo Hoo!











Chuck 101 Film Festival at the Egyptian Theater–Hollywood

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity held Chuck 101 yesterday at Hollywood’s historic 91 year-old Egyptian Theater. The day started with Center-sponsored art projects in the courtyard.



There was mask-making and drawing, led by our talented team of teaching artists, including the Center’s resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino; the Sleeper Sisters, Debbie & Jennifer; Doug Lothers and Darrell Park. Sasha Advani, the Center’s program director had organized the activities.

DSC06879 DSC06880

The art classes were followed by a screening of the Chuck Jones feature film, “The Phantom Tollbooth” (1970).The film was from Chuck’s personal collection of 35mm films. Before the screening, a Q & A with the indomitable Ms. June Foray, the voice actress known for her adept talent and wonderful acting ability. Ms. Foray was feted in the lobby for 96th birthday.

DSC06883Carrot cake cupcakes, of course!

DSC06900That evening, the Center brought over a dozen of Chuck’s short Looney Tunes cartoons to share with a full house — a portion of ticket sales went to the programs of the Center. Before the screening, though, major donors and supporters of the Center were feted in the Spielberg lobby with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

DSC06902From left: Craig Kausen, chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Chuck’s grandson; Maddie Andre; Steve Fossati, Dina Andre, and Chris Bailey.

DSC06904Valerie Kausen, Chuck’s granddaughter is seen here with producer David Wong.

DSC06905Linda Jones Clough, Chuck’s daughter and founding member of the Board of Trustees smiles with her adoring fans, (r. to l.) Jim (husband), Dave, and Louis.

DSC06906Cynthia Damiano, a Center donor and supporter takes a breather from the festivities.

DSC06907The inimitable George Daugherty, creator, conductor, and producer of the film and live music extravaganza, “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony” is seen here with Marian Jones, Chuck’s widow, and her friend, Bev White.

DSC06908From left: Ashley & Kevin Mangusing with John and Doris Rendine.

DSC06910Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant, Erin Liddell (left) with collectors and friends, the Milligan’s.

DSC06911Singer and actress, Juliana Hansen with her main squeeze, artist and pirate, James C. Mulligan.

DSC06915The Spielberg Lobby at Grauman’s Egyptian Theater. Follow American Cinematheque on Twitter @sidgrauman.

DSC06916Michael Wedaa with Linda and Jim Clough. Chuck Redux apologizes for forgetting to write down Michael’s date’s name. Our bad.

DSC06922One of the many wonderful, beautiful, and charming volunteers from American Cinematheque. The Center thanks Gwen, Grant, and their entire group for the lovely assistance they provided us yesterday.

DSC06924The Chuck Jones family from right: Craig Kausen, Linda Jones Clough, Valerie Kausen, and Todd Kausen.

DSC06925Before the lights went down on the evening’s program, Chuck Redux snapped a photo of the Art Deco ceiling in the theater. Stunning!

DSC06933A full house enjoys cartoons by Chuck Jones. The shorts were interspersed with remembrances of Chuck Jones from all of his family and from special guests, Leonard Maltin, Charles Solomon, John Schulman, George Daugherty, and David Wong.

Watch this space for details regarding Chuck 102, scheduled for Chuck’s birthday, September 21, 2014 at a theater near you.

















World Premiere Party for “The Wizard of Oz”

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was honored to be a part of the world premiere party for the newly remastered 3D IMAX version of “The Wizard of Oz” which premiered yesterday at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

DSC06649It was o’dark early when we got there to set-up our art display and the art activities. Pictured above from left: Chris Scardino, the Center’s resident teaching artist; Scott Ryder, gallery assistant.

DSC06651The room was bathed in shimmering emerald green and brick yellow, casting an other worldly glow on everyone.

DSC06654 72

Artist Joseph Yakovetic and his wife, Sammie, assisted with our preparations, cutting ribbons and yarn for the 3D mask making. Along with mask-making there was a table devoted to 3D coloring pages of scenes from Chuck Jones’s animated “Wizard of Oz” from the late 1960s.

DSC06660 72

Artists Joseph Yakovetic and Daniel Killen stand in front of their work. Linda Jones Enterprises is pleased to be the art publisher and representative for the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”.

DSC06674 72

The Center’s teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, discusses his inspiration for “Less Traveled Road”, an oil on panel painting he created for the “Wizard of Oz” collection to Rico Rodriguez of “Modern Family”.

DSC06684 72

Four of our six artists were on hand for the festivities, from left: Christopher Scardino, Joseph Yakovetic, Robert Delgadillo (RAD), and Daniel Killen. Not pictured: Kathy Daywalt, Shakiba Hashemi, and T. J. Novy.




DSC06701 72

Linda Jones, Chuck Jones’s daughter, led Rico Rodriguez and friend (filming for Entertainment Tonight) in a lesson on how to draw a horse of a different color.

DSC06703 72

DSC06724 72

The spirit of Judy Garland as Dorothy (via Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum) was present yesterday, “there’s no place like home!”



The Best of Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes at the Sonoma Film Festival

If you live in the bay area, the Sonoma Film Festival opens today and runs through Sunday. On Saturday, April 13 at 9:30 AM PDT, the festival will present the a collection of Chuck Jones cartoons curated from his own personal collection of 35mm reels. This showcase of diverse and eclectic classics includes Oscar-winning DOT & THE LINE, ALI BABA BUNNY, and WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? (voted the greatest animated short film in history.) Adults and children will be entertainted by Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Wile E.Coyote, Pepe le Pew, Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Gossamer, and many more! Chuck Jones's daughter, Linda, will introduce the collection and be available for discussion after the screening.

Although tickets are no longer available online, please contact the Festival Box Office for availability at SonomaFilmFest.org

CJ  LJ 1997
Linda Jones Clough with her father, Oscar-winning animation director and creator, Chuck Jones.

Chuck Jones Centennial Celebration of Animation at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2012

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, a Newport Beach Film Festival Event Sponsor, will be hosting a morning of Chuck Jones animated cartoons at Triangle Square, Costa Mesa (at the intersection of Newport Blvd., 19th St., and the terminus of the 55 freeway) on Saturday, April 28th at 11 AM. Among the many favorite short cartoons to be shown will be one of his masterpieces, "One Froggy Evening."

ONFR-01-005 copy

Following the showing at 1:30 PM will be a panel discussion and seminar on animation with celebrated voice actress, June Foray (Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale, and Witch Hazel); Emmy Award-winning producer Linda Jones Clough; "Dora the Explorer" producer and director, Jeff DeGrandis; animation director, character designer ("Hop"), and writer, Chris Bailey and photographer Marian Jones, Chuck Jones's widow. The discussion will be moderated by Craig Kausen, chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

A ticket for both events is $5.00 for adults. For more information and to purchase tickets, please contact the Newport Beach Film Festival by clicking on their name in this sentence or on the images. 

ONFR-01-006 copy

We Bid Adieu to Dean Diaz

Craig Kausen, president of Linda Jones Enterprises hosted a going-away party for long-time employee Dean Diaz today at the Lazy Dog Restaurant in Tustin. Dean, known for his droll sense of humor and bad t-shirts, has worked in a variety of areas for both LJE and Chuck Jones Enterprises. His depth of knowledge of all things Chuck Jones is equal only to his love of all things Chuck Jones. We'll miss Dean's skill with a camera (still and video) as well as his ability to identify a production drawing, citing title and date, from 20 paces (and with one hand tied behind his back and a patch over his left eye while standing on his head.) Dean's a great guy and we'll miss him!  

Craig Kausen, standing left, and Linda Jones, pose with Dean at the Lazy Dog.

Our waitress also got into the spirit and joined Dean in a round of "are you being served?"

At first there were nachos.

And then there were none.

Dean expresses his concern about the sustainability of decorative polystyrene food receptacles. It also held his dinner (he is, if nothing else, frugal.)

Scott dogs paw
And as if that weren't enough, Scott Dicken, VP of retail for Linda Jones Enterprises insisted on having his photo taken through a dog's paw cut-out. But ignore him, and join us in wishing Dean the very best future. Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adios, ciao, baby, good-bye Dean!


A Day of Preparation in Advance of Last Night’s Gala Grand Opening!

Reporting from Costa Mesa, CA: When our team started arriving at the new Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa (at South Coast Collection, Sunflower & Hyland, just north of the 405) yesterday morning at around 8:30 AM to prepare for last night's gala grand-opening (you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see photos and learn more about that part of day) we found Paul S., the construction foreman, with his head stuck in the "El Cheapo" lift.  (Most of the above statement is true, but part of it is false…you'll need to make the judgement call.)


Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones's daughter, along with 24 carrots Catering & Events' own Nicole Schieppati, put their heads together and came up with a plan for the day.  Without our gracious good fortune of being partnered with 24 carrots, the Center would not have had this amazing opportunity to be in this new 8000 square foot facility.  Thank you 24 carrots Catering & Events!


Everyone looks so small!  It was a Lilliputian moment as the hanging wires were installed by the 6'5" Scott Dicken (far left) with Steve Amaya on a 12' ladder and Tracy Tanner (President of the Center's volunteer council) assisted by the gracious Carol Erickson (far right; everyone give a big 'hello' to Carol, a longtime collector of the art of Chuck Jones who has recently joined the staff of the Center and the Chuck Jones Gallery.  Welcome Carol!) offered their expert advice.


Carol (below) prepared the 20 Silent Auction bid boards for installation.


"Lights, Camera, Action!" made the scene, placed lovingly on its own wall; just to give you an idea of the size of this room, the wall it is hanging on is 23' wide by 17' high.   Texas isn't the only place where everything is big!


Scott Dicken, VP of Retail Operations for the Chuck Jones Galleries, along with the intrepid Steve Amaya (both are 20 year veteran's of Linda Jones Enterprises…we have a tendency to stick around) found themselves up in the El Cheapo lift more often than not as we placed larger works of art on the main exhibition wall.


Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity (far left) and Linda Jones (back to camera, 2nd from left) help Paul, the construction foreman, negotiate the El Cheapo Lift (okay, that's really the name of the company that supplies the lifts we use and we find it immensely amusing, hence its repeated appearance in this post) around the ceiling's truss supports.  Please note that the back wall has since been hung with a variety of works by a group of new artists who are paying homage to Chuck Jones during his centennial year, but more on that later.


The main exhibition wall after installation.  In this instance, we felt a 'salon' installation was best for the space and for the evening ahead.


Finally, at the end of yesteday afternoon, things seemed to be in place and ready for 400 of our nearest and dearest.  Christopher Scardino, Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant extraordinaire and the Center's teaching artist (he channels Chuck's teaching philosophy of nurturing and gentle guidance) stands between original works by Bob Elias (left) and James C. Mulligan (right) that we had placed in our incompleted office area that was off limits to our guests last night, but which we used as a staging area for the event.  Art goes everywhere, no matter the setting!


Tomorrow, watch this space for photos and details from last night's gala grand-opening of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity!

Linda Jones Clough to Be Interviewed Tomorrow on Womensradio.com

Susan Brender of "V is for Vitality" a weekly program on WomensRadio.com will be posting her interview with Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones's daughter tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21st.  "V is for Vitality" features interviews with artists discussing how the arts play a vital role in maintaining youth and vitality. This show will discuss the fundamental importance of the arts in the mind-body-spirit relationship as a health strategy. 

Brender has 20 years experience as a television producer with diversified broadcasting experience in the Political, Entertainment, Legal, and Business arenas. She is the recipient of the ACE Award for (Best Program in an Educational Series):Teenagers: Drinking and Driving “A Killer.” She has recently directed her talents and energy working in communications and development for non-profits dedicated to arts and education and arts and health.

Linda Jones Clough, the Emmy Award-winning producer ("Peter and the Wolf", 1996, Best Prime Time Children's Program) is the founder of Linda Jones Enterprises, the art publishing and art gallery business she established in 1977 to distribute the art of her father, legendary animation pioneer, Chuck Jones. Today, Jones devotes much of her time to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, the non-profit organization founded by Chuck Jones in 1999 to promote and encourage the creative spirit that resides in all of us through educational programs, art exhibits, film festivals that draw on the material in the Chuck Jones archive and Chuck Jones's unique teaching philosophy.  

Chuck Jones’ Letters to His Daughter, Linda (Redux)

[If you've not read Chuck Jones' letters to his daughter while she was at boarding school in Arizona, they're certainly worth your time.  Just click on the appropriate category on the left side of this page.  –ed.]

# 5 Post:

Wednesday…September 24, 1952

Dearest Linda;

Another day, another letter and my damned typewriting doesn’t seem to improve.  The two initial fingers of my right hand do all the work and others just go along for the ride.  The index finger of my left hand pushes the shift key.  I suppose it thinks it’s earning its keep.  It just pointed out to me by doing so that it also returns the carriage.  Big deal!!  Do you know I used a typewriter for about six years before I discovered what the tabular key is for?  I felt like I’d just invented it.

I’m on a diet.  I found to my horror Sunday morning that I weighed 194 pounds.  Pure flab.  So when Donn  came over I challenged him to a two-week diet: no sugars, sweets, starches, breads, potatoes, butter, milk, salad dressings or etcetera.  No beer!  We agreed on a $50.00 penalty if either broke it, so I think I’ll go through with it.  What a dreadful thing it is to have no will power.

I saw [two of your friends] last evening.  They came tripping past the house, giggling and gabbling.  They were in bathing suits, had just been swimming.  They want you to write to them.  Write to me instead, hm?

Has the Senator Nixon controversy struck the school?  I hope not.  It’s a hopeless sort of argument.  Had to do, as I suppose you know, as to whether he should gave accepted $18,000 as a sort of expense fund to help his income.  In my opinion he is, at best, naive, and dammit, I don’t want a naïve vice-president.  My advice to you, if you need it, is, while over there, to indulge in political controversies sparingly.  You’re probably in a nest of children from Republican families so you won’t win many converts to the Democratic Party.  

  ‘Bye for now.

Linda at school
Linda Jones at her boarding school in Arizona.