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Grim Natwick Writes a Letter to Chuck Jones

Chuck Jones's first film that he directed (noted as 'supervisor' in the credits) was "The Night Watchman" of 1938.  His promotion to supervisor was noted in Daily Variety and other industry publications and the congratulatory letters poured in.   As we're preparing for the exhibition of art and artifacts from his life at the Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus Las Vegas, we've found some really wonderful, and oftentimes quite touching, notes and letters sent to Chuck on the occasion of his promotion, which at age 26 made him one of the youngest directors at Leon Schlesinger Studios.  The letter below is from the venerable Grim Natwick, who not only offered his expert guidance to the young Jones as he began his career in animation, but is also known for his talent at drawing the human form (he is responsible for bringing Snow White to life for Walt Disney.)

The envelope is dated April 17, 1938.

Dear Chuck, 

Somebody told me you got a very important blurb in Variety to the effect that you are a Supervisor in charge of Looney Tunes — I believe — Have not seen the issue but my informer seemed to stress its importance so I am acting on that report.  Let me be the last to congratulate you.  You must be doing all right and that is enough to make me very happy — Grim N-

And the Winner Is…

At the Chuck Jones Experience (coming to Circus Circus–Las Vegas in October) there's going to be an entire display case devoted to all things OscarĀ® and Chuck Jones.  There'll be all sorts of memorabilia, including congratulatory telegrams, letters and official Academay Award nominations.  One letter that caught our eye (and interest) was this one from Walt Disney.  He's responding to a letter from Chuck Jones (which we hope to find) and he has some interesting things to say:  

  OSCAR LETTER DISNEY 3-29-1950 5 x 7 300 dpi