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Image of the Day: La Boheme

81913.72 dpi 10 x 12

In 1997 Chuck Jones was commissioned by Opera Pacific to create images for their upcoming season.  On view is "La Bohème" starring Wile E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny.  One of these 'bohemian' cartoon characters (one painter, one poet) are in love with the beautiful but doomed Mimi.  As Bugs is writing, "Roses sont rouges (Roses are red,) Violettes sont bleus (Violets are blue,) Carrots sont oranges (Carrots are orange,) et je t'aime Mimi (and I love Mimi.)

As part of the promotion for the '97 season, this image (and three others) were created as hand-painted cel art editions from Chuck Jones original line drawings.