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Chuck Jones: Master Series –Interview Conducted by Jeff DeGrandis

Take Your Dot for a Walk!

(Bring Pencil and Paper)

Chuck Jones, The Master Series — a lost interview — with host Jeff DeGrandis

To be released February 1, 2010

Tustin, CA–Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, the non-profit organization founded by Chuck Jones before his death in 2002, announced today the upcoming release of Chuck Jones–The Master Series the first of two DVDs culled from several hours of interviews conducted in 1990 by Emmy-nominated director Jeff DeGrandis. 

In this never-before-seen interview, animation pioneer and four-time Academy Award-winning director and creator, Chuck Jones, discusses the physics and properties of drawing with the irrepressible Jeff DeGrandis.  Selected from several hours of taped interviews with Chuck Jones, the vignettes in the DVD cover everything from the very essence of drawing to the more esotereic aspects of character development, all of which is liberally seasoned with the wit and wisdom of this artistic genius.

Chuck Jones–The Master Series is scheduled for delivery beginning February 1, 2010.  Animators, artists, and creatives as well as people interested in the arts (and art of animation) will find this interview a must-have for their reference library.  Pre-orders for a minimum donation of $19.95 are being accepted now by the Center.  For more details, contact DVD@ChuckJonesCenter.org or online at the Center's blog, Now Hare This!

You can now donate today!  If you live in the United States, click the 'Buy Now' button below.  The total charge including shipping via Priority Mail is $24.95.  Thank you for your donation!

If you live outside of the United States (all international destinations,) click the 'Buy Now' button below.  The total charge including shipping via International Priority Mail is $33.95. Thank you for your donation!

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is dedicated to fostering and encouraging creativity, especially in young people, using the drawings, films, and writings of legendary animation director, Chuck Jones, as inspiration.  It encourages the expression of artistic creativity and promotes an environment where that spirit can flourish.  Jones' art and ideas continue to influence contemporary artists, filmmakers, and writers through the vast resource of his work accessible through the Center for Creativity's online archive.   www.ChuckJonesCenter.org