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From Louisiana with Love

Last summer Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, hosted an exhibit, "What's Up, Doc?, The Animated Art of Chuck Jones".  One of the frequent visitors was a young man named Kamden, who is an aficianado of all things Chuck Jones. 

Linda and Kamden Spies

Kamden meets Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones's daughter at the Chuck Jones Gallery in Costa Mesa.

He enjoyed the exhibit so much, and new so much about Chuck Jones, that he even ended up giving a few "tours" to other visitors during the times he was there.

As life happens, his parents planned a trip to southern California this winter with stops in San Diego and Orange County, with the thought that they'd see the Chuck Jones Galleries while they were out here. 

Kamden SD
Here's Kamden in front of the Chuck Jones Gallery on 5th Avenue in San Diego's historic Gas Lamp District.

But the highlight of the trip for Kamden was meeting Linda Jones Clough, Chuck's daughter, at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa. It was serendipity because Linda just happened to be here for another meeting. 

Spies and Linda
From left, Kamden's dad, Tom, younger brother, Cale, Linda Jones, Kamden, and his mom, Sherry.

Kamden knows all about Chuck's and Dr. Seuss's relationship and their work during WWII. He is schooled in all things Chuck Jones and will perhaps work in one of our galleries one day!