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Disintegration-Proof Vest

CJCONCEPT-692 copy

"Little does he realize that I have on my disintegration-proof-vest," opines Daffy Duck in this original graphite and India ink drawing on 12 field animation paper by Chuck Jones, created circa mid-1990s.  In preparation for his original line drawing to be transferred to acetate sheets in the production of his cel art editions, Chuck Jones would take a brush and a bottle of India ink and 'paint' the clean line that you see in this drawing.  Linda Jones then would erase the graphite from the paper (for the uninitiated, if you saw Linda doing this, it would give your heart pause, "what could she be thinking, erasing a drawing by Chuck Jones?!?!?")  

Image of the Day: Chuck Jones Holiday Card — 1950

1950 copy 
This design for the 1950 Jones family holiday greeting card is mixed media (graphite & India Ink) on paper–and exhibits Chuck Jones' mastery of painting with India Ink, an ability (he elevated it to an art) that he would use in the creation of the final line for his limited editions nearly 30 years later.