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Chuck Jones Knew that Creativity Could Unlock the Mind

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Dr. William Shankle, the endowed chairman in memory and cognitive disorders at Hoag Hospital, have engaged Bug Bunny’s help for a family friendly event this Friday, September 19, at the hospital. For more information, go to Hoag.org/brainhealth. Last Sunday, Dr. Shankle addressed the issues of creativity and how it helps keep the brain agile and young in the Daily Pilot.

Mom might have told you that cartoons will rot your brain, but Chuck Jones knew otherwise.The creator of the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, Marvin Martian and so many other Looney Tunes pals, Jones used his creativity and his wit to stay eternally young at heart.

Now studies show that creativity like Jones’ can help a person stay young cognitively too.

When you activate an area of the brain, it works like a muscle. It gets bigger and functions more efficiently. MRI studies have revealed that creative activity activates more brain areas than just about any other kind of activity.

It is therefore possible that creative pursuits can help prevent damage from dementia, an exciting theory that suggests that by adding more creativity to our lives we all can do something to help delay or minimize the ravaging effects of Alzheimer’s and other devastating cognitive diseases. To continue reading the article, click here.