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Marc Anthony and the Chuck Jones “Look”


"Marc Anthony 1951" a hand-painted 16 field cel art edition by Chuck Jones.  Click on the image for more details.  

Marc Anthony, the bulldog from Chuck Jones's 1952 short animated cartoon, "Feed the Kitty" is best known for the complex emotions that pass across his face as he tries to keep his new friend, Pussyfoot, from danger.  Drawing these emotions challenged the director and in the video clip, you'll hear him discuss how he came to have an understanding of the character's motivations and how to express them graphically.  


Image of the Day: Feed the Kitty

FEKI-01-003 copy

Original model drawing (graphite and colored pencil on 12 field, two-hole punch animation paper) by Chuck Jones for his 1952 "Feed the Kitty" short cartoon. 

Pussyfoot it may be to millions of fans, but to Chuck Jones
Pussyfoot had no permanent name, “…call [him] Everykitten.”   Jones continues, “All the kitten had was the
ability to love, so drawing him was comparatively simple.  A kitten’s ears are much bigger in relation
to the face than an adult cat’s, and as in all young mammals, his forehead is
very high.  I wanted him to be so darling
that you feel you must pick him up and hug him, which is precisely what I
wanted Marc Anthony to want to do.”