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Notes on “Another Froggy Evening,” Part 2

Last Friday, we posted a photograph of Chuck Jones taken during the recording session for his 1996 Michigan J. Frog short animated film, "Another Froggy Evening."  (Read and see it here.) One of our faithful readers, Brent, responded with a question, "Who are those men in the Roman Coliseum?"  Some of you may have recognized Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert as the larger caricatures, but who are all those other people, you may have thought (out loud or to yourself?)  

Well, thanks to some help from the inimitable Rose Long who worked at Chuck Jones Film Productions in the 1990s we can now tell you who is who.

Siskel 300dpi I D copy

1. Tina Raleigh, 2. Don Arioli, 3. Rose Long, 4. Chuck Jones, 5. Michael Breton, 6. Ben Jones, 7. Herman Sharaf, 8. Warren O'Neill, 9. Greg Whitaker, 10. Tod Polson, 11. Lawrence Marvit, 12. Steve Fossati, 13. Bob Givens, 14. Linda Jones Clough, 15. Greg Duffel, 16. Tom Decker, 17. Jill Petrilak, 18. Charlie Puzzo, 19. Ted Bemiller, 20. Mike Polvani, 21. Stan Freberg

Siskel 300dpi copy