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If You Were an Amorous Skunk–Where Would You Spend New Year’s Day?

Chuck Jones' delightful character, Pepé le Pew, will make his Rose Parade début Friday morning, New Year's Day as the floats roll down Colorado Avenue in Pasadena, California.   Chuck writes, "He [Pepé] sees rejection as no more than a temporary setback, and every pursuit as an interesting variation  on the road to inevitable success."

Pepe float
So, whether you're attending the parade or comfortably settled in at home, keep an eye out for our favorite skunk Friday morning! 

Ascent of Love: Pepé le Pew Makes His Début at the Rose Parade

Pepe float
Chuck Jones' Pepé le Pew will make his Rose Parade début this year as the central character in New Mexico's entry in the Rose Parade on their float "Enchantment is in the Air."  If you're attending or if you're at home–he's sure to catch your fancy!  Look for him on Friday morning, January 1st!