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Blackwing Experience Opens with a “What’s Up, Doc?”

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was the scene last night for the opening gala of the Blackwing Experience. Charles Berlozheimer and his wife, Ginger, founders of the Blackwing Foundation and sixth generation pencil-makers were on hand to greet arriving guests.

DSC05150In addition to the Berlozheimer’s, guests were greeted by a quote from Blackwing 602 pencil devotee, Chuck Jones, “The rules are simple: take your work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out.” Every guest picked up a Blackwing 602 or a Blackwing Pearl pencil on their way in, because…DSC05147…there were creativity stations scattered throughout the Center. From camera lucidas to song-writing, from pictionary to photo ops, guests had the opportunity to express themselves while nibbling on amazing hors d’oeuvres from 24 Carrots Catering.DSC05163One of many highlights of the evening was the launch of the new ChuckJones.com website. Created by the awesome team at Gigasavvy. Shown here from left: Sven Johnston, SVP Business Development at Gigasavvy; Corey Mangold, Co-founder of Gigasavvy with his fiancee, Erin; and far right, Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Chuck Jones’s grandson. The new website, when it leaps out of beta mode (soon, soon, we promise!) will be one of the most creative and exciting shopping destinations on the internet. Chuck Redux may be biased, but we are not over-promising!

DSC05162Another special treat of the evening was Stephen Reis, storyboard artist for the longest running sitcom on television, “The Simpsons”. Reis, center, shown here with Ann Tanner and her husband, Joel, one of the co-founders of Gigasavvy. Stephen was kind enough to spend the evening at one of Chuck’s animation desks drawing “Simpsons” characters for those assembled. Thank you for your generous spirit, Stephen!

DSC05180The Blackwing Experience wouldn’t be the astounding event it is without the creative talents of art director, Lesli Scott, seen here with the Center’s Robert Patrick. How do you spell “CREATIVE”? L-e-s-l-i!

DSC05156And speaking of behind-the-scenes talent (we were, you know) Grant Christensen, right, the director of business development for Pencils.com and Palomino Brands, the companies behind the Blackwing Experience, was on hand to make sure all of the parts fell together before the gala kicked off. He’s shown here with landscape artist Diane Wright, and Mahlon, the Pencils.com wholesale point person.

DSC05170Artists Joseph Yakovetic, left, and Robert Delgadillo (AKA Radboy).

DSC05168Chuck Jones “Homage” artist and surfer, Bob Elias.

DSC05171Henri Duong, Project Manager at Gigasavvy, with his friend, Kimberly, show off their artistic sides.

DSC05174The always entertaining Wayne Todd, PBS SoCal art director and volunteer community ambassador for the Chuck Jones Center (AKA Jester McCool), shown here with Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant, Carol Erickson, left, and Sasha Advani, Program Administrator for the Center (who is tireless.)

DSC05175Rogue’s gallery from left: Kyle Johnston, VP Online Marketing at Gigasavvy with Joel Tanner and Craig Kausen.

DSC05186Somewhere in the middle of the evening–or was toward the end? Who can remember?–Craig Kausen took the microphone and welcomed everyone to the Blackwing Experience; he introduced Corey Mangold of Gigasavvy (below) as well as Charles Berlozheimer of Blackwing (2nd photo below.) All-in-all it was a lovely evening celebrating the creative spirit, especially the spirit as embodied in the simple object of a pencil. Huzzah to the Blackwing 602!




Creativity at Vital Link

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, (April 13th-15th), the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity hosted a booth full of activities, artwork, and character galore at the Orange County Youth Expo’s Vital Link’s STEM & DMA Showcase 2012 (Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Digital Media Arts). 

2012-04-14 15.06.37 

Chuck Jones Center’s head teaching artist, Chris Scardino beautifully spearheaded the presentation and programs at the event. 

One of the masterful by-products of this 3-day endeavor was this inspired work created by dozens of participants (young and young-at-heart) throughout the weekend. 


This turned out be a truly inspired, imaginative, and collaborative event!

Bugs bunny
We heard from other attendees that the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity's booth was filled with participants every single day of the event. And although there were robots, video games, science projects, and other 'high tech' booths to explore, our simple booth–filled with paper and pencils–elicited the most positive response from the children (and some of the adults.)

"All you can give a child is time." –Chuck Jones

Daffy duck
Green and yellow
Who doesn't like to draw? 

Draw the White Seal with Christopher Scardino

Pencils.com image CS White Seal

Christopher Scardino, the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity's resident teaching artist was filmed for Pencils.com's Studio 602 blog drawing the Chuck Jones character, Kotick, the White Seal. Read the article here (or click the above image) and view the video. Check out the Center's new website, ChuckJonesCenter.org, while you're at it! 

A special shout-out to our friends at Pencils.com for their continued interest in the Center's programs!

Center for Living Peace & Chuck Jones Center Unite for a Day of Creativity

This Sunday, December 4th, from 10 AM to 12 PM, let your child explore their inner creative genius with the staff of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity at the Center for Living Peace, 4139 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA.  There'll be snowflake making and cartoon watching and plenty of time to draw their favorite cartoon characters or whatever they like!  Go here to register.  It's fun for the whole family!  

Chuck Jones believed that each and everyone of us is creative, we just have to find our creative spirit and let it out!  While your child(ren) are enjoying the wit and whimsy of Chuck Jones, the Center for Living Peace will also be conducting a Shambhala Meditation which you are invited to join.  Call the Center for Living Peace for more details and to register: 949-854-5500 or click here for full details.  


How to Draw Bugs Bunny: The Results

Okay, we didn't set a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue at the Chuck Jones Big Draw like we hoped to, but and it's big but (!), we did set a record for the largest Chuck Jones art lesson taught in one venue!  Along with Chuck Jones on video, the Center's very own teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, led a class of 122 artists, students, and adults, teaching them how to draw the iconic Warner Bros. character, Bugs Bunny.  After the class, participants were encouraged to take their new found talent and draw on the walls of the venue.  The results were so wonderful, so delightful, so well-done, that we just had to share.  As Chris said, "you are drawing your Bugs Bunny, it may not look exactly like Chuck's Bugs Bunny, but it is yours." 

DSC_2834 (Large)
Linda Jones Clough, Chuck's daughter, led the charge to the walls and had quickly sketched out several Bugs Bunny images.  (photo courtesy Stephen Russo)

DSC_2849 (Large)
Muralist, actor, renaissance man, all words that describe the talented James (Jimmy) C. Mulligan.  (photo courtesy Stephen Russo)







Volunteer Tommy Martinez, graphic designer and artist, quickly sketched out an awesome looking Bugs Bunny!  Love that bent ear, so characteristic of Chuck's assertion that character dictates expression.

Even the littlest among us had something to say about Bugs Bunny and expressed themselves visually with the same care and concentration you'd expect from a professional.  It was fantastic to watch!

And just before you left the venue, artist Anna Panover's interpretation of Bugs Bunny reminded you what season it really was.  

You Give Us Joy

The Chuck Jones Big Draw was completely and utterly amazing.  If you were there you'll know what I mean, if you weren't, let me share this note, anonymously written on a carrot that I found last night as we were cleaning up after a full day of creativity workshops:

You Give Us Joy
[It reads: "Dear Chuck~ Thank you for touching our lives with your creative genius.  You have given us the ability to laugh at ourselves through the antics of your wonderful characters.  You give us joy.  Love from an admiring & grateful fan.!!"

You give us joy.  There was enough joy yesterday at the Chuck Jones Big Draw to go around the world at least once, if not 100 times.  When you're allowed to let your creativity shine through in a nurturing, non-judgemental environment, it is absolutely amazing what you will produce.  

Sunny Dolberg
You give us joy.  Artist Sunny Dolberg shares her reverse transference process with a budding Picasso.  One of the most active of workshops, Sunny guided young and old alike in a process that creates a mono-print by painting your image on a clear acrylic sheet and pressing it (upside-down) onto a canvas or piece of paper.  The results were outstanding!

LJC and students
You give us joy.   Linda Jones Clough, equestrienne and daughter of Chuck Jones, led the session, "How to Draw a Horse" (shown here discussing the finer points of horse anatomy…would that be called "horse-sense"? IDK.)  Below is the horse that Linda drew as she worked with her group.

LJC horse

Reis storyboard class
You give us joy.  Stephen Reis (gesturing), storyboard artist and director for the animated cartoon, "The Simpsons" shares with his group how he works as he develops the storyline and animation for the series.  Participants then worked on their own storyboards.  Cowabunga, dude!

John ramirez and student
You give us joy.  This young lad is listening to the sage advice of artist and designer, John Ramirez, who is not only an award-winning designer and cartoonist, but is also the designer of the soon-to-open Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.  John led his burgeoning John Lasseters in the creation of their very own thaumatrope (a circular disk with a drawn image on each side, attached to two pieces of string and spun to create a moving image.)

Jimmy and mural
You give us joy.  Muralist, actor, model, father, citizen of the world; those are just some of the words that describe the wonderfully talented James (Jimmy) C. Mulligan.  All the while the Chuck Jones Big Draw was in session, he worked on this mural…started and completed in 6 hours (including a break for lunch).  Such awesomeness!

Bob Elias
You give us joy.  Artist and surfer, Bob Elias, handed out advice on painting to our budding Frankenthalers, Kahlos and Rothkos.  

Indeed, everyone gave us joy yesterday…here's a few more photos from the day:

Digital horse

Daffy draftsman

Gina and Kas

Kim Sudhalter

Lorna and luann

Nicole and natalie

Tommy Martinez and student

Young student

Blank stare teenager
You give us joy.  Artist Mary Beth Volpini helped participants loosen up their creative muscles and switch their thinking from the left side of their brains to the right at the first station at the Chuck Jones Big Draw, "What Does Fun Look Like?"  Here two of the many teen-agers who took advantage her guidance work diligently on their answers.  

Fans Turn Out for SoCo Chuck Jones Film Festival

Last night at the SoCo Chuck Jones Film Festival, held at South Coast Collection in Costa Mesa, California, cartoon fans from near and far (from one end of Orange County to the other) turned out in full force with their lawn chairs, blankets, gourmet food truck munchies and were ready to sit back and laugh, laugh, laugh. 

Craig Kausen (below), Chuck Jones's grandson and chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, welcomed the assembled aficianados and quickly turned it over to the amazing audio visual wizards, who braved the frigid waters of the fountain to set up the projector.  It was an awesome evening,filled with good cheer and much camaraderie and a lot of hardy, heartfelt laughter; a perfect way to end the week and begin this amazing weekend. 

Tonight is "Bugs Bunny at the Symphony" created and conducted by the incredibly talented and amazing human being, George Daugherty–we baby-sat his magnificent Willy last night–Willy is a golden retriever and loves everyone!–at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, gates open at 6PM.  I know there are seats still available, do something spontaneous and come on down!  Plus tomorrow is the Chuck Jones Big Draw from 11 AM to 5 PM at South Coast Collection, 3309-E Hyland Avenue (next to the Paul Mitchell school), Costa Mesa, California.  Admittance is FREE between 1 and 2 PM as we prepare to set a world record for the largest art class held in one venue.  Plan on it and unleash your creative genius!  The world will be a better place for it.

Craig Kausen welcomes guests before the festival began last night at SoCo.

Prep for film
The intrepid AV technicians did an awesome job with the projection and sound–it was fantastic!

Group shot
A good time was had by all–well, maybe the bull in Jones's "Bully for Bugs" a little less so than the rest of us, but still a fabulous night!

Photos courtesy Stephen Russo.

Chuck Jones Big Draw: What You Can Expect to Do on Sunday

The signs are printed…

Elyse is cutting canvas…

And so much more is going on behind-the-scenes as we prepare for the Chuck Jones Big Draw on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at South Coast Collection, 3309-E Hyland Avenue (next to Paul Mitchell), Costa Mesa, California.  Remember FREE admission between 1 and 2PM or just $10.00 (single admission) and $20.00 for a family or group of 4 for all day access!  

Here's what you can expect to do when you arrive…

  • "What Does Fun Look Like to You?"  Mary Beth Volpini

Session # 1: 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM:

  • Station #1 Priniciples of Animation, ages 10 & up, guided by John Ramirez, award-winning designer and artist
  • Station #2 Story-boarding "Simpsons"-style, ages 10 & up, guided by Stephen Reis, storyboard artist and director of "The Simpsons"
  • Station #3 Espresso Yourself, the Art of Painting with Coffee, guided by Christopher Scardino, resident teaching artist of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity
  • Station #4 Playing with Paint, guided by Shakiba Hashemi, professional artist
  • Station #5 Upside Down Art, guided by Sunny Dolberg, professional artist
  • Station #6 Design Your Dream Dress, ages 8 & up, guided by Erin Bianchi, designer
  • Station #7 How to Draw Horses, ages 8 & up, guided by Linda Jones Clough, artist, entrepreneur, andEmmy Award-winning daughter of Chuck Jones

Session # 2:  1:00 PM to 1:50 PM

  • Station #1 Priniciples of Animation, ages 10 & up, guided by John Ramirez, award-winning designer and artist
  • Station #2 Story-boarding "Simpsons"-style, ages 10 & up, guided by Stephen Reis, storyboard artist and director of "The Simpsons"
  • Station #3 Exploring Your Creative Side, guided by Christopher Scardino, resident teaching artist of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity
  • Station #4 Playing with Paint, guided by Shakiba Hashemi, professional artist
  • Station #5 Upside Down Art, guided by Sunny Dolberg, professional artist
  • Station #6 Design Your Dream Dress, guided by Erin Bianchi, designer
  • Station #7 Creativity with a Camera, ages 13 & up, guided by Stephanie Adriana and Val Westover, professional photographers and lecturers 

Beginning at 2 PM until 3 PM is our attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue.  

From 3:00 to 3:30 PM Trevor Carlton and Stephen Reis will be staging a performance painting…NOT TO BE MISSED!

Session # 3:  3:45 PM to 4:45 PM

  • Station #1 Art from the HeArt: Messages in Color, ages 13 & up, guided by Mary Beth Volpini
  • Station #3 Exploring Your Creative Side, guided by Christopher Scardino, resident teaching artist of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity
  • Station #4 Playing with Paint, guided by Shakiba Hashemi, professional artist
  • Station #5 Upside Down Art, guided by Sunny Dolberg, professional artist
  • Station #6 Strategic Illustration, guided by Linda Krall, artist, designer & communications expert
  • Station #7 Creativity with a Camera, ages 13 & up, guided by Stephanie Adriana and Val Westover, professional photographers and lecturers  

Throughout the day, artist Bob Elias will be painting in oils and offering tips on painting and muralist James C. Mulligan will be working on a large mural with any and all participants.

There will also be an "Artist in the Round" series where you may talk with professional artists about making art your vocation as well as your avocation.  Artists participating in this series of round-table discussions will be: Linda Jones, Stephanie Adriana, Trevor Carlton, John Ramirez, and Mike Peraza.

See you there! 

Photography Workshop Added to Chuck Jones Big Draw

Creativity with a Camera and A Photographer's Life will be the focus of noted Orange County professional photographers, Stephanie Adriana and Val Westover, as they lead a series of special seminars for devotees of the camera (13 yrs. and up) at this Sunday's Chuck Jones Big Draw.  

We interrupt this program to bring you this important announcement!

This just in: FREE admission to the Chuck Jones Big Draw between 1 and 2 PM.  Help us break a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue and learn how to draw Bugs Bunny from Chuck Jones!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Stephanie Adriana

Stephanie Adriana's award-winning work can be found in Cowboys and Indians magazine, covers and articles for Ladera Ranch Magazine, Coto de Caza Quarterly, Wrangler Magazine, as well as displayed in hotels, restaurants and homes around the country. Stephanie also enjoys photographing destination and celebrity weddings, modeling headshots, boudoir, engagement and family portraiture.

"Life is so beautiful to me, I am constantly awed and inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, so much so that all I want to do is "Capture that moment in time Forever" with my camera.  I am terribly distracted by color! I'm overwhelmed by the desire to capture it as I see it, brights, darks, brilliant hues and rich tones…. in all of their glory! Some times the beauty of a scene or situation completely captivates me and I'm compelled to photograph it until I've captured it perfectly. What an awful affliction to have!"   Click on Stephanie's photo above to see her portfolio.

Val Westover

Val Westover is a speaker, author, photographic educator and photographer. His clients come from all walks of life, from the girl next door to the celebrity superstar and everyone in between. He has been privileged to shoot some   incredible weddings and portrait sessions, meeting some amazing people.    
For over two decades, Val has pioneered his unmistakable style, influencing many photographers. He was the district manager for one of the nation’s largest portrait studios, and for over seven years was personally responsible for the training and development of hundreds of photographers. Val opened his own studio in 1994, and his portrait work can be found in homes all over the world.
Photographers come from all over the country to learn how to “photograph like a pro”. Val offers a variety of photography workshops and is available for private   one-on-one coaching, incredible destination photography expeditions and professional business consultations.
Val has a gift in bringing out the true personality of anyone, especially children. Posed or photojournalistic portraits, Val captures warmth, happiness, laughter and love.  To view Val's portfolio, click on his photo above.


To learn more about their programs, click on Capturing True Emotion.  

The Chuck Jones Big Draw is thrilled to have the participation of these two very talented photographers on Sunday, August 7, 11 AM to 5 PM at South Coast Collection (next to Paul Mitchell), 3303 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California.  To register, visit EventComplete.com.  

Important Information! How to Draw Bugs Bunny

Since the Chuck Jones Big Draw will be setting a Guinness World Record for the most people taking an art class in one venue on Sunday, August 7th at exactly 2 PM PDT (location: 3303 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA) and since we're all going to learn how to draw Bugs Bunny, it seems completely appropriate and timely that we should start learning from the master himself, Chuck Jones.  See you there!

Thanks to Larry Levine, co-creator of Aw Prunes for reminding me this clip existed!  Join us by registering at www.EventComplete.com.