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Image of the Day: Tunnel Vision


"Tunnel Vision" a hand-painted cel art edition of 250 by Chuck Jones. 

“I see nothing in the Coyote that I can’t find in almost any
human being.  Most of us share his desire
for something small and special, be it diamonds, doughnuts, or Road
Runner.  Wile E. Coyote devotes enormous
ingenuity and energy to chasing the Road Runner.  People wonder what good it would do him to
catch the Road Runner, as there’s obviously very little food on that scrawny
frame.  A rabbit would seem to be more
nutritious prey, but Wile E. considers roadrunner to be a luxury item on the
coyote’s food chain.  There are
delicacies as yet unknown to the human palate, and one of them is this
apparently succulent avian." –Chuck Jones