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Image of the Day: Chuck Jones with His Daughter, Linda

"With some help from my wife, I produced a daughter, Linda, in 1937…In my eyes–and whose other eyes can I trust?–she has always been a perfect daughter…" –Chuck Jones, writing in his autobiography, Chuck Amuck. 

Linda at 2 w Chuck copy
Linda at age 2, with her father, Chuck Jones.

Photo 4 copy
Dorothy, Chuck and Linda Jones, Manhattan Beach, California circa mid-1940s.

Photo 12A copy
Dorothy, Linda and Chuck Jones, 1950, with the Oscars for the Jones' directed "So Much for So Little" (best short documentary of 1949) and "For Scent-i-mental Reasons" (best short animated film of 1949.)

LindaJonesProfile copy
Linda Jones, painted by her father, Chuck Jones, in 1954 (featured in the book "A Stroke of Genius, A Collection of Paintings and Musings on Life, Love and Art by Chuck Jones." 

Photo 3 copy
Chuck Jones and his daughter at a gallery reception in Corona del Mar, California circa 1992.