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Image of the Day: Compressed Hare

CJWATER-413 copy

“Are you in, genius? Are you in, capable?  Are you in, describable?” The unmatched
genius of Chuck Jones and writer, Dave Detiege, made the pairing of Wile E.
Coyote and Bugs Bunny some of the funniest animation ever produced.  Here we have a scene from the 1961 Jones directed
Compressed Hare rendered in Jones’s
incomparable hand as an elegant and hilarious watercolor.  

Chuck Jones painted wherever and whenever he
traveled, making visual diaries of European vacations as well as closer to
home—the coast and cities of California.  And of particular joy to him was
his rendering of the cartoon characters he so lovingly brought to life on the
silver screen.  A master of the difficult
and exacting medium of watercolor, Jones has brought to bear his formidable
talents to this classic moment.