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What’s Up Doc? The Animated Art of Chuck Jones Opens June 13 at EMP Museum, Seattle


What’s Up, Doc? The Animated Art of Chuck Jones” opens Saturday, June 13 at the EMP Museum, Seattle; the exhibit closes mid-January 2016. If you’re in the area or planning to travel to Seattle, it is a not-to-be-missed experience for fans of Chuck Jones, animation, and art.  The exhibit was organized by the Smithsonian Institute, Museum of the Moving Image, Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Bugs Bunny model sheet from an unknown production, colored pencil on 5-hole punch 12 field animation paper, circa early 1950s.

Image of the Day: What’s Opera, Doc?

One of the most famous of Chuck Jones (and definitely the most complicated short animated cartoon he directed) is his 1957 "What's Opera, Doc?"  Jones, along with the immensely talented Maurice Noble and his crew of brilliant animators, created a cartoon that is both spoof of and love-letter to "high art." With its primary action the oft-used Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd chase sequence, but this time, set in the mythic grandeur of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle, "What's Opera, Doc?" manages to combine high and low art with equal aplomb, obliterating the barriers between the two.

Giclee-218 copy
Original color model drawing for the production (graphite and colored pencil on animation paper), utilized in 2007 as the  basis for a limited edition fine art print on paper.  


Image of the Day: Claude Cat

Claude cat 72 dpi

Undated model drawing of Claude Cat by Chuck Jones, graphite and colored pencil on 12 field two-hole punched animation paper.  The paper places it early 1950s most likely pre-1953 before the studio started using 3-hole punched paper.  Claude Cat appeared in a variety of films by Chuck Jones, co-starring with Hubie & Bertie (mice,) Frisky Puppy and Mark Anthony and Kitty.  This drawing will be part of the Chuck Jones exhibit at the Get Animated! Pavilion of the 2010 California State Fair, July 14 through August 1. 

Image of the Day: Bugs Bunny

Two of my co-workers and I spent part of the morning pulling artwork for the upcoming Chuck Jones exhibit at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that opens May 14th.  Although we all work with Chuck Jones art everyday, we're oftentimes removed from it (via computer screens, etc.) and today to have had the opportunity to get close to so much visual richness, ingenuity and creativity was completely inspiring!

This drawing of Bugs Bunny by Chuck Jones (graphite and colored pencil on 12 field animation paper) was a preliminary layout for a life-size (6') cut-out sign that was posted at the gate to the Warner Bros. lot in the 1950s.  

BBMI-01-008 copy

Image of the Day: Rabbit Seasoning

RASE-01-003 copy

Original background layout drawing by Maurice Noble for the 1952 Chuck Jones directed “Rabbit Seasoning.”  Graphite and colored pencil on 12 field (10.5″ x 12.5″) two-hole punch animation paper.  Selected for inclusion in the upcoming Chuck Jones exhibit at AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) opening May 14, 2010 in Los Angeles. 

Image of the Day: Feed the Kitty

FEKI-01-003 copy

Original model drawing (graphite and colored pencil on 12 field, two-hole punch animation paper) by Chuck Jones for his 1952 "Feed the Kitty" short cartoon. 

Pussyfoot it may be to millions of fans, but to Chuck Jones
Pussyfoot had no permanent name, “…call [him] Everykitten.”   Jones continues, “All the kitten had was the
ability to love, so drawing him was comparatively simple.  A kitten’s ears are much bigger in relation
to the face than an adult cat’s, and as in all young mammals, his forehead is
very high.  I wanted him to be so darling
that you feel you must pick him up and hug him, which is precisely what I
wanted Marc Anthony to want to do.”