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Premiering the Fine Art of Nancy Cartwright, A Brief Q & A

The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to have been selected as the premier location for the debut of the original art of celebrated and renowned voice actress, Nancy Cartwright, at this year’s Comic Con International in San Diego, California.

Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, in her art studio.

Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, in her art studio.

In an email exchange, Ms. Cartwright answered questions posed by the Chuck Jones Gallery. Here is a sampling of that conversation:

CJG: Tell us about the early years, growing up. What part did painting and drawing play in your childhood?

NC: I was always very creative as a child. I loved coloring and painting and doing arts and crafts. I really liked doodling and also working with clay. . .but I never really considered it for a career. Music played another part in my life and by the time I was 10, I decided to play the trumpet. I wasn’t allowed to be in both music and art–I had to pick one or the other. I chose music and eventually played French horn in the concert band, the marching band, and the orchestra.

CJG: What do you feel you communicate through your paintings?

NC: Fun, beauty, aesthetics, some thought-provoking messages.

Craig Kausen, Chuck Jones's grandson, with Nancy Cartwright and her original painting of Bugs Bunny, inspired by the work of Chuck Jones.

Craig Kausen, Chuck Jones’s grandson, with Nancy Cartwright and her original painting of Bugs Bunny, inspired by the work of Chuck Jones.

CJG: Are there any major artistic influences you’d like to cite?

NC: I’ve been in the animation industry for 35 years now and my art is a reflection and homage to this art form that has served and inspired me for so long.  Being a part of the longest running scripted show in the history of television [“The Simpsons”] has completely influenced my passion for this art form.  Reverse painting has been around for thousands of years where it was widely used for religious renderings.  Much later, painting on glass influenced Renaissance art. With the invention of celluloid [a kind of plastic] in 1889, the art of animation was born.  My good friend, Dave Tourjé, is a local artist who excels in reverse painting.  His work is permanently on display in his historical home in South Pasadena that was serendipitously owned by the late artist and educator, Nelbert Chouinard.  Nelbert ran an art school that was the hub of the training that Walt Disney presented to his more inexperienced animators back in the 20s and 30s. In fact, Disney personally drove the animators to the school in his Model A so they could learn about anatomy and fine art.  This was especially helpful since it was during the development of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”.

CJG: What is your favorite color?

NC: Coral.

"Fellini", original painting by Nancy Cartwright, acrylic on Plexiglas.

“Fellini”, original painting by Nancy Cartwright, acrylic on Plexiglas.

CJG: Why do you paint/draw?

NC: I like to create positive effects on others and this is one way to really surprise them with something they didn’t know I did!

CJG: Anything else you’d like to mention?

NC: Being invited by the Chuck Jones Gallery as a preliminary exhibition definitely needs mentioning.  I had the privilege of working with Mr. Jones on the last animation project he directed—Timberwolf.  It was for the internet and was released in 2000.  Having worked so closely with Chuck opened up a relationship with his family who owns and operates Chuck’s galleries.  I am completely thrilled and honored to be associated with one of the most-respected animation art collections in the world.

Original painting by Nancy Cartwright, acrylic on Plexiglas.

Original painting by Nancy Cartwright, acrylic on Plexiglas.

Nancy Cartwright will be the guest of the Chuck Jones Gallery as it premiers her paintings on Saturday, July 23 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. RSVP is required: 619-294-9880. The gallery is located at 232 Fifth Ave., in the heart of San Diego’s Gas Lamp Quarter, directly across from the Hard Rock Hotel and just one short block from the Convention Center.


Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego–One of the Top Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Top Fun Things to Do in San Diego has listed the Chuck Jones Gallery one of their “Top Fun Things to Do in San Diego”! When you’re visiting San Diego, make sure to drop by our gallery and say hello–our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and speak with you about the art of American Pop culture, including the work of legendary animation pioneer, Chuck Jones. Don’t forget to check out Top Fun Things to Do in San Diego for other cool and nifty things to do when you’re in town.

Gallery Front

Welcome Michael Fiacco, Gallery Director at the Chuck Jones Gallery, San Diego

Linda Jones Enterprises, the owner of the Chuck Jones Galleries, announced today the appointment of Michael Fiacco as Gallery Director of their Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego, located in the heart of the historic Gas Lamp Quarter.


Michael Fiacco, right, the new gallery director of Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego, with Craig Kausen, left, President of Linda Jones Enterprises, and Scott Dicken, center, VP of Retail for the company.

A native New Yorker, Fiacco graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, as well as the Art Institute of Seattle. For the past five years, he’s been the owner of Archangel Gallery in Seattle and Palm Springs; before that he was VP of Global Sourcing for London Fog Group in Seattle and New York.

“I’m excited to bring my passions for contemporary art and classical animation together with my background in management to my new position at the gallery,” said Fiacco. “This opportunity is one I look forward to with great anticipation.”

“Michael brings a wealth of experience with him, experience that we felt would be the perfect fit for the gallery and most importantly, with our collectors,” said Craig Kausen, president of Linda Jones Enterprises, the owner of the Chuck Jones Galleries located in Costa Mesa and San Diego, California and in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “We’re confident that Michael will continue to fulfill the mission of the company, which is to find wonderful, whimsical works of art and place them in the homes and offices of the people who love them, with the same passion and commitment to excellence that we all strive for.”

Fiacco lives just outside San Diego with his husband and two doggie daughters, Candy and Angelina, and where he can be found enjoying his passion for all things Mid-Century and classic cars.

Artist Tom Everhart Premier Exhibit in San Diego

Artist Tom Everhart, whose special 20 year friendship with Peanuts creator, Charles M Schulz, has influenced his work of the last 27 years, brings an exhibition of his paintings to San Diego for the first time. 

TOM EVERHART:  Opening Night

Exhibit of Original Paintings and Mixed Media Work 


San Diego, CA – January 2016 –Artist Tom Everhart, world renowned for his Charles Schulz-influenced paintings presents his latest exhibition entitled “Opening Night”. This extraordinary collection of works will be on exhibit and available for acquisition at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego beginning February 13, 2016 and presenting through March 11, 2016. This is Tom Everhart’s first exhibition in San Diego. “Opening Night”, a new fine art edition on paper will premier at the exhibit and will be an exclusive to the Chuck Jones Gallery for the run of the exhibit.

Everhart and legendary Peanuts creator Charles Schulz enjoyed both a personal friendship and an artistic relationship greatly valued by both; a mutual respect so powerful that Schulz encouraged Everhart to experiment with his cartoon language in Everhart’s own medium of Fine Art Painting.

As a result, a legal agreement was arranged that would allow Everhart to use Schulz’s visual subject matter in his art for “The Term Of His Life”.

Everhart’s Schulz-influenced work has been shown not only at the Louvre in Paris, but also at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, and gallery shows around the world.


Image:  Charles Schulz & Tom Everhart   Paris 1990

Artwork is on exhibition and available for acquisition and all appearances are open to the public beginning February 11, 2016. Dedications by the artist will be available.

Opening Public Reception:  Saturday, February 13th, from 5 to 8 PM 

Where: Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 

RSVP Required: SanDiego@ChuckJones.com or

Telephone: 888-294-9880





Image: Opening Night fine art edition by Tom Everhart  © PWW 2016                                       

About Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart was born on May 21, 1952 in Washington, D.C. He began his under graduate studies at Yale University of Art and Architecture in 1970. In 1972 he participated in an independent study program under Earl Hoffman at St. Mary’s College. He returned to the Yale School of Art and Architecture in 1974 where he completed his graduate work in 1976, followed by post-graduate studies at the Musée de l’Orangerie, in Paris. He taught Life Drawing and Painting, briefly from 1979 to 1980, at Antioch College.  This exhibition is greatly inspired by the artist’s years in New York spent with and inspired by fellow artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, among others.

Tom Everhart was the only fine artist granted permission by Schulz to use the Peanuts© characters in his paintings. Image: the Artist in His Venice, California Studio 2015. Photo credit: Kristen Burns Photography

In 1980, Tom Everhart was introduced to cartoonist Charles M. Schulz at Schulz’s studios in Santa Rosa, California. A few weeks prior to their meeting, Everhart, having absolutely no education in cartooning, found himself involved in a freelance project that required him to draw and present Peanuts© renderings to Schulz’s studios. Preparing as he would the drawings and studies for his large-scale skeleton/nature related paintings; he enlarged some of the cartoonist’s comic strips on a twenty-five foot wall in his studio which eliminated the perimeter lines of the cartoon box, leaving only the marks of the cartoonist. Schulz’s painterly pen stroke, now larger than life, translated into painterly brush strokes and was now a language that overwhelmingly connected to Everhart’s own form of expression and communication. Completely impressed with Schulz’s line, he was able to reproduce the line art almost exactly, which in turn impressed Schulz at their meeting. It was at this time that Everhart confirmed his obsession with Schulz’s line art style. This mutual fascination with each other’s artwork formed their ongoing relationship and furthered Everhart’s education of Schulz’s line style.


Image:  Charles Schulz & Tom Everhart

A few years later, while still painting full-time on his previous body of work in his studio, Everhart began drawing special projects for Schulz and United Media, both in New York and Tokyo. These authentic Schulz-style drawings included covers and interiors of magazines, art for the White House, and the majority of the Met Life advertising campaign. When Everhart was not painting, he was now considered to be the only fine artist authorized and educated by Schulz to draw the actual Schulz line of characters.

Everhart began using Charles Schulz’s comic strip, Peanuts©, as subject matter for his paintings, eventually replacing his skeleton and nature related motifs in 1988. The inspiration came to Everhart in Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he was undergoing several operations for stage 4 colon / liver cancer in the summer of 1988. Everhart recalls lying in a hospital bed surrounded by enough flowers to open a florist shop, piles of art books and a stack of Peanuts© comic strips sent to him by Schulz. The light streaming in from the window almost projected the new images of his future Schulz inspired paintings on the wall. All the images in Everhart’s work are in some respect derived from Schulz’s Peanuts© comic strip.

In January 1990 Everhart’s Schulz related work were exhibited at the Louvre in Paris and subsequently at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History; Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal; Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo and Osaka, Japan; Charles M. Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, and in fine art galleries in Rome, Venice, Milan, Minneapolis, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

In 1991, Charles Schulz and United Media drafted a legal agreement to allow Tom Everhart to use subject matter from Schulz’s Peanuts© strip in his art for “the term of his life”.

In 1992, “Pigpen’s Dirtballs”, a 72″ x 128″ painting was filmed with the artist in progress for the CBS special “The Fabulous Funnies”. A series of four lithographs were published in 1996 and a series of four more lithographs entitled, “To Every Dog There Is A Season”, followed in 1997. Over the next ten years S2 Art Editions and Tom Everhart would create an astonishing body of lithographic work consisting of over seventy-four lithographs.

In 1997, “Snoopy, Not Your Average Dog”, published by Harper Collins, featured an essay on and reproductions of Tom Everhart’s Schulz-inspired paintings.

In 2000, his first solo museum show was launched at the Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. The Exhibition traveled to five other locations in Japan until the year 2002.

CBS, in a Charles M. Schulz tribute, designed an entire sound stage, comprised solely of Everhart’s paintings, that were used with host Whoopi Goldberg, throughout the hour long special, in May of 2000.


Image:  Tom Everhart in Studio    Photo Credit:  Alan Shaffer


After Charles Schulz passed away in February of 2000 it left Everhart with a deep sense of loss as well as an even stronger desire to communicate the incredible gift bestowed on him by Schulz.

In 2000 Everhart first visited French Polynesia, a small group of islands in the center of the Pacific Ocean. His trips between French Polynesia and Venice, California have had a significant effect on the paintings, most obviously in the luminous color palette. More importantly, however, it offered him a new way of seeing the work that he was dedicated to continuing.

The Charles M Schulz Museum opened in August 2002 and the following year Everhart had the honor of presenting his works in a solo exhibition there titled, “Under the Influence”. He would also be included in the Museum’s 2011, “Pop’d From the Panel” exhibition, along with works by renowned POP artists, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

In 2011 he exhibited 97 works, titled “Crashing the Party” in a solo exhibition at AFA in New York.

Tom Everhart was brought in during the very first few days of the making of the Peanuts movie in New York to share his knowledge of Schulz’s art with the full creative team.

Tom Everhart continues to lecture around the world about the artwork of Charles M Schulz and to communicate the unique collaborative relationship they shared, as a cartoonist and a painter.

After living in San Francisco, Paris, New York, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and London, in 1997 Tom Everhart moved to Venice, California where he now lives with Jennifer, his wife and director of their studio.

Today, Everhart is the only fine artist educated by Schulz and authorized to use subject matter from Schulz’s Peanuts ©strip to create fine art.

About Chuck Jones Gallery

The Chuck Jones Gallery, founded in 1991, is the only gallery in San Diego devoted to the art of American popular culture, representing not only the work of its namesake, four-time Academy Award-recipient and legendary animation director and creator, Chuck Jones, but also art work by Dr. Seuss and all animation studios. Included in the ongoing gallery exhibits are original paintings and fine art editions by artists such as Tom Everhart, Charles Schulz, Mike Kungl, Eric Goldberg, Fran Lew, Marvel and DC Comics, and Fabio Napoleoni. The gallery is open seven days a week from 10 to 8 PM, except on Sunday when they close at 6 PM. Chuck Jones Galleries are also located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Costa Mesa, California. The gallery website is ChuckJones.com.


Media Interviews are coordinated by:

Robert Patrick

949-660-7791 x 22103 robert@ChuckJones.com     

All Images are courtesy of Peanuts World Wide ©

Shop Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28! + Holiday Events at the Chuck Jones Galleries

SS_Logo_Clean_Blue This year, the Chuck Jones Galleries in Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Santa Fe, will be participating in Small Business Saturday on November 28, 2015. This is a great time for you to show your support of local businesses that put their “all” into small business. The Chuck Jones Galleries will feature a special promotion for that day only, details to be revealed next week.



Larry Leichliter at SDG 2015_7x5Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego, Saturday, December 5 from 5 to 8 PM, RSVP 888-294-9880. The artist will be dedicating artwork purchased that evening.

And at the Chuck Jones Gallery–Santa Fe


An exhibition and sale of original art by Chuck Jones, Dr. Seuss, Mike Kungl, Markus Pierson, Fran Lew, and all animation studios.

Friday, December 11 from 4 to 7 PM and Saturday, December 12 from 3 to 6 PM. Refreshments will be served. RSVP 800-290-5999. The gallery is located at 126 West Water St., Santa Fe, NM 87501.


Chuck Jones Gallery at D23!

Going to D23 this weekend? Visit the Chuck Jones Gallery at booth #C1900 and say hello! We’ll be there from 9 AM to 7 PM Friday through Sunday, August 14-16. Four of our artists will be making an appearance at the booth, schedule below. Sign up to win a work of art! Ask about our D23 specials! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Scott and John installing artwork at the Chuck Jones Gallery booth #C1900

Scott and John installing artwork at the Chuck Jones Gallery booth #C1900

Almost finished! What you can't see is all of the terrific unframed art we have to share with you!

Almost finished! What you can’t see is all of the terrific unframed art we have to share with you!

Daniel Killen, Friday from 2 to 3 PM

Daniel Killen, Friday from 2 to 3 PM

Mike Kungl, Saturday from 11 AM to Noon

Mike Kungl, Saturday from 11 AM to Noon

Bob Elias, Saturday & Sunday from 3 to 4 PM

Bob Elias, Saturday & Sunday from 3 to 4 PM

Mike Peraza, Saturday from 6 to 7 PM

Mike Peraza, Saturday from 6 to 7 PM

William Shatner at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego

During Comic Con 2015, on Saturday, July 11, William Shatner, the iconic actor most noted for his role as Captain James Kirk in the television series and the movies “Star Trek” slipped unnoticed through a back door of the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego and stepped into a room full of cameras, press, and VIP collectors.


He spoke to the crowd about the genesis of the “Man O’ War” cinematic graphic novel and its art program, cracked a few choice jokes, and then he, along with the team of artists responsible for the art for the “Man O’ War” cinematic graphic novel, took turns embellishing and signing one of the canvas editions available for sale that evening.




Chuck Jones Gallery presented Mr. Shatner with a hand-painted cel art edition of Pepe le Pew which he acknowledged was his favorite Looney Tunes character.

Mr. Shatner greets an admiring fan at the reception in his honor at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego.

Mr. Shatner greets an admiring fan at the reception in his honor at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego.

He then met with individual collectors and signed their recently acquired works of art from “Man O’ War” and graciously had his photo taken with them.


William Shatner seen here with Kate Bowerman of the Chuck Jones Gallery.

GQ7A5864 GQ7A5866 GQ7A5863 GQ7A5843 GQ7A5897

And after all of the hoopla, the hand-shaking, signing, and smiling, Mr. Shatner just as quietly as he arrived, slipped out of the gallery and disappeared into the night.

Photos by Stephen Russo

Visit Our New Location in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

The Chuck Jones Gallery–Santa Fe has moved to a new location, 126 W. Water St. at the corner of Ortiz. Our new gallery location is in a beautiful adobe building; the interior has an intimate and welcoming feeling to it with nooks and crannies to explore. We believe you’ll find it the perfect place to visit when you’re in Santa Fe to view all of the latest offerings from Chuck Jones, Dr. Seuss, Charles Schulz, Fabio Napoleoni, Mike Kungl, and many others.

Chuck Jones Gallery, 126 W. Water St., at Ortiz in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Chuck Jones Gallery, 126 W. Water St., at Ortiz in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gallery Director, Toshi Sanchez, center, is flanked by art consultant and gallery assistant, Erin Gould, on the left; art consultant Jessica Haring is on the right.

Gallery Director, Toshi Sanchez, center, is flanked on the left by art consultant and gallery assistant, Erin Gould; art consultant Jessica Haring is on the right. 

The gallery is open seven days a week. For more information, call toll free 800-290-5999 or local 505-983-5999.

The gallery is open seven days a week. For more information, call toll free 800-290-5999 or local 505-983-5999.

Our Final Winner Is!

Our Sunday (#7) and final winner of the Chuck Jones Gallery Black Friday Week Give-aways is Julia Knauss of Pennsylvania!  Julia will receive an original production drawing of Bugs Bunny from the 1980 Chuck Jones-directed television special, “Bugs Bunny Bustin’ Out All Over” ! Congratulations, Julia!

Original production drawing from "Bugs Bunny Bustin' Out All Over" 1980

Original production drawing from “Bugs Bunny Bustin’ Out All Over” 1980

…Ta Da! Friday’s and Saturday’s Winners Are…

Our Friday (#5) winner of the Chuck Jones Gallery Black Friday Week Give-aways is Bruce Gamble of Alabama!  Bruce will receive a hand-painted cel art “Director’s Cut” edition, titled, “Fast and Furry-ous”! Congratulations, Bruce!

Fast and Furry-ous, a Director's Cut edition

Fast and Furry-ous, a Director’s Cut edition

And, that’s not all! Our Saturday (#6) winner of the Chuck Jones Gallery Black Friday Week Give-aways is Ron Eenhuis of Colorado!  Ron will receive a hand-painted cel art edition, titled, “Georgia on My Mind”! Congratulations, Ron!

Georgia on My Mind, a hand-painted cel art edition by Eric Goldberg

Georgia on My Mind, a hand-painted cel art edition by Eric Goldberg

Our Sunday and final winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank you everyone who participated!