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Chuck Jones Center for Creativity–New Home, New Look, New Year

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will be moving into its new home at SoCo (South Coast Collection) at 3321 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California in the next month or so.  Chuck Redux paid a visit to the new site this morning and is bringing you a sneak peek of what can only be described as — well, it's still a work-in-progress, so think of these photos as preliminary sketches for the Center's new home.

3321 Hyland with possible sign copy
The front entrance with a mocked-up sign to give you a sense of the scale of the tower.  When you enter here you'll be greeted by a 25' tall mural designed by Chuck Jones…we won't tell you where it was used before, but it's going to be a wonderful introduction to the Center.

HPIM8762 (Small)
The main room seems to be about a football stadium in length, but is more like a half of one (joking, of course, but it is immense.)  The Center's partner is 24 Carrots, Orange County's premier catering company–they'll be using the space for large gatherings, weddings and business events.  

Scott and craig with arrow
To give you a sense of the scale, that yellow arrow is pointing at Scott, who is 6'6" and Craig, who is 6' tall.  Big, isn't it?

HPIM8759 (Small)
Please ignore the dirt in the middle of the floor…this is the main exhibition wall which is about 50 running feet and 17' tall.  Expect to see lots of fabulous Chuck Jones art!

  HPIM8775 (Small)

In the OC Mart Mix (just across the plaza from the Center) there's an awesome coffee shop, Portola Coffee, and this young man was quietly explaining to Craig and Scott about "the integrity of the grounds" and "it's a moral dilemma" at which point I stopped listening, but the coffee does smell terrific and tasted even better.  

HPIM8760 (Small)
The plaza entrance will have three glass 'garage' doors that roll up into the ceiling, allowing for a seamless experience between what is going on inside the Center and the magnificent plaza setting with its fountain, fire pit and umbrella-covered tables.

HPIM8774 (Small)

If you have a green thumb, you'll be impressed by the succulent plantings and the environmentally-sensitive landscaping around the entire SoCo complex.

P.S.  Watch this space for more news about our grand-opening tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 28, 2012.  

WNYH! (We Need Your Help!)

One of Chuck Jones Center for Creativity's most ardent partners and supporters is the amazing non-profit TEAM KIDS.  They have been selected as one of 10 finalists for a Cox Cares Grant of $10,000.00!  No one is more deserving, but, and this is where you come in, TEAM KIDS needs your vote!  The non-profit with the most votes wins the grant of $10,000.00 and will be named Cox's Non-Profit of the Year.  Please, please take a moment (okay, maybe 4 minutes, 5 tops) and go to Cox Cares and vote for TEAM KIDS.  We thank you and TEAM KIDS thanks you!  To learn more about TEAM KIDS, visit their website.  

TK Logo copy

How to Draw Bugs Bunny: The Results

Okay, we didn't set a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue at the Chuck Jones Big Draw like we hoped to, but and it's big but (!), we did set a record for the largest Chuck Jones art lesson taught in one venue!  Along with Chuck Jones on video, the Center's very own teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, led a class of 122 artists, students, and adults, teaching them how to draw the iconic Warner Bros. character, Bugs Bunny.  After the class, participants were encouraged to take their new found talent and draw on the walls of the venue.  The results were so wonderful, so delightful, so well-done, that we just had to share.  As Chris said, "you are drawing your Bugs Bunny, it may not look exactly like Chuck's Bugs Bunny, but it is yours." 

DSC_2834 (Large)
Linda Jones Clough, Chuck's daughter, led the charge to the walls and had quickly sketched out several Bugs Bunny images.  (photo courtesy Stephen Russo)

DSC_2849 (Large)
Muralist, actor, renaissance man, all words that describe the talented James (Jimmy) C. Mulligan.  (photo courtesy Stephen Russo)







Volunteer Tommy Martinez, graphic designer and artist, quickly sketched out an awesome looking Bugs Bunny!  Love that bent ear, so characteristic of Chuck's assertion that character dictates expression.

Even the littlest among us had something to say about Bugs Bunny and expressed themselves visually with the same care and concentration you'd expect from a professional.  It was fantastic to watch!

And just before you left the venue, artist Anna Panover's interpretation of Bugs Bunny reminded you what season it really was.  

Drop In & Draw: Saturdays at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

On Saturdays you will find Christopher Scardino, our teaching artist (an alum of Laguna College of Art and Design) leading, encouraging and nurturing a group of children, young adults and adults at the Center's popular "Drop In & Draw" Saturdays.  

Hosted by the Center from 9 AM to 12 PM (most Saturdays, please call 949-660-7793 or 714-516-9540 to confirm) this opportunity to develop your or a child's creativity is open to participants from 3 years old to 103 (at the least, older most welcome, and those under 6 should be accompanied by an adult.)  The Center is located at 131 West Chapman Avenue (north side of the street, just 1/2 block west of the Plaza.  

P8130881 (Medium)
The goal of the morning drawing class is to give young Rembrandts and Frankenthalers the space that will allow them to expand their creativity by having free reign to draw, sculpt, paint or construct anything that they wish with guidance from Chris as needed (or requested.)  All supplies and materials are provided by the Center; the nominal fee is $10.00 per child up to age 10 and $15.00 for everyone older. 

Let's get together and draw!  See you there!

Go to Camp with Bugs Bunny (Last Call!)

Go to camp with Bugs Bunny!

Summer Creativity Camp

Camp Fire USA, Orange County Council and Chuck Jones Center for Creativity announce our summer day
camp for young people ages 7-14!

  • Using recycled materials for "green" projects
  • Weaving
  • Wire sculpture
  • Drawing and painting
  • Masks
  • And more, all inspired by the creative genius of animation director, Chuck Jones!


Chuck Jones Center for Creativity
131 W. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA

Dates:   August 9-13

Times:  9 a.m.-noon, Monday through Friday

REDUCED FEE:  $75 per week includes art supplies–what a deal!

Registration and payment in advance are required.
Don't miss out–register now!  Please call Michelle at Camp Fire at 714.547.5200, extension 39.

Visit our website: www.ChuckJonesCenter.org & learn more about our programs!