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Boyhood Daze (Part 3)

BODA-01-087 copy
One of the hallmarks of a Chuck Jones cartoon is the articulate use of gesture and facial expression as evidenced in the above drawing of a monkey trying to point out the obvious danger facing the implacable hero, Ralph Phillips, in the 1957 short animated film, "Boyhood Daze."  Directed by Chuck Jones, this is one of his original layout drawings used to guide the character development, animation and story of the film by his amazing crew of animators (Abe Levitow, Richard Thompson, and Ken Harris.)  The brilliant designer, Maurice Noble, provided the graphic layouts for the cartoon. 

Image of the Day: Boyhood Daze (Part 2)

BODA-01-069 copy

Danger lurks in deepest, darkest Africa as our intrepid hero, Ralph Phillips, wends his way through the jungle oblivious to the signs of distress being communicated by the little monkey in front of him.  An original layout drawing by Chuck Jones for his 1957 short animated film, "Boyhood Daze."  It is graphite on 12 field animation paper. 

Image of the Day: Boyhood Daze

The day before Chuck Jones' 45th birthday his latest short animated film was released in theaters nationwide on September 20, 1957.  The film, "Boyhood Daze" was a follow-up to his popular "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" that had been released in 1954 and starred the starry-eyed daydreamer, Ralph Phillips. 

BODA-01-094 copy 

Sent to his room for breaking a window, Ralph quickly slips into his reverie.  This layout drawing was one of hundreds created by Chuck Jones for the film.  It is graphite and red pencil on 12 field animation paper with dialogue indicated in Chuck's hand at the top of the sheet.