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A Flurry of Press Clippings

Chuck Jones and the Chuck Jones Gallery have been in the news lately and forthwith are excerpts from these news stories, interviews and press mentions along with links to the complete article:

Timothy Callahan, staff writer and blogger at When Words Collide (Comic Book Resources) interviews up and coming comic book artist and graphic novelist, Jason Latour, who cites Chuck Jones as an influence:

"I think his cartoons were the first time I
noticed a distinct mind at work. They really helped cultivate my
absurdist side, my sense of humor. The stuff he was doing was so full of
character, you felt like his Daffy Duck was a real person. I could
picture Daffy walking off the set after a shoot to go drown his bruised
ego in vodka and cry in a hooker's lap or something. I know he had large
literary influences. Sure the stuff was satirical of its time but you
can really see he was so well read, so smart, but never condescending.

Aesthetically there's such a visceral rawness to it. Like controlled
freedom. You'd have a perfect gestured, supremely well designed
character… but then the freedom to just let his mouth go wobbly and
crudely expressive. My dream is to get away with… to find the place
for in a story for blotches of color for trees, or something like that
Marvin the Martian space base."

Read the full interview here.

Erin Liddell, senior art consultant at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego got some ink this week in an article from the San Diego News Room on the economic impact of Comic Con on local San Diego businesses and the possibility that Comic Con may relocate after their contract with the San Diego Convention Center expires.  

“There isn’t anywhere else on this earth
that we would want to be during Comic-Con,” Liddell said. “From
publicity and press to the increase in people coming in to enjoy our
artwork, it’s 100 percent amazing for us. To lose it would have a huge
impact on us.”

To read the complete article, click here.

Chuck Rothman, in his blog Great But Forgotten, talks about the Chuck Jones character, the Mynah Bird, created initially for Jones' "The Little Lion Hunter" but used in subsequent short films by him:

The Bird is introduced with Inki following his tracks into some bushes,
which begin to wave violently.  He retreats, thinking it's a larger
animal, but out of the storm** comes a small, black bird, like a crow
only rounder, and with a yellow beak and legs.  The bird walks across
the forest to the time of Mendelssohn's "Fingal's Cave/Hebredes
Overture"  in a peculiar gait that part walking, part hopping, moving
in a perfectly straight line until he vanished into a hole or another
bush.  He ignored everything going on around him — until the right
moment, when he would wreck havoc on those who got in his way (usually a
lion that was out to get Inki). 

To finish reading the article, go here.

One of our favorite animation websites is Cartoon Brew, helmed by authors Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi.  They recently posted a note about the upcoming film night at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences that will feature all nine of Chuck Jones' Oscar-nominated (3 wins!) short films.  Get the 411 here.

Thrilling for the Chuck Jones Gallery was hosting a reception and art exhibit for famed indie animation creator, producer and artist, Bill Plympton during Comic Con 2010.  Plympton, as always so gracious and gentlemanly, mentioned the exhibition at his own blog Scribble Junkies.   To catch up with Bill and what he's up to, click here.

Journalist Tom Foreman who blogs on Anderson Cooper's website, AC360°, cited Chuck Jones in an open letter to the president: "Chuck Jones, the famous cartoonist and animator, once told me that when
he was a teenager he enrolled in art school and the teacher began class
by telling the students, “You each have ten thousand bad drawings in
you. The sooner we get them out the better!” As a result, even into
his 80’s, Chuck was still creating up to a dozen drawings every day,
just to keep in practice. No wonder he was a master." 

Read the whole letter here.

Bill Plympton at the Chuck Jones Gallery

Animation legend (and Indie film bad boy) Bill Plympton made the scene at the Chuck Jones Gallery, San Diego, on Friday evening, July 23rd.  Fresh off a full day of seminars and screenings at the 2010 Comic Con, Bill was the picture of graciousness, greeting and meeting and speaking with hundreds of his fans that joined the gallery in welcoming this artistic iconoclast to San Diego and his first-ever gallery show.

IMG_6605 (Medium) 

Animation legend Bill Plympton exhibits some of the same enthusiasm as his character does in his over-the-top hilarious animated short film "The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger." 

IMG_6609 (Medium) 

Plymptom adds his imprimatur to an original drawing from his animated short film "Hot Dog."

IMG_6650 (Medium) 

At times throughout the evening, Bill would stop the proceedings and a short film would be popped into the DVD player and everyone would stop what they were doing and watch the film with Plympton commentary running along with his mostly silent films (they do have the occasional squeal, howl, laughter, weeping & splats.) 

IMG_6708 (Medium) 

Bill Plympton explains a bit of animation to a film crew from Canada. 

IMG_6735 (Medium) 

Happiness is a gallery full of collectors and fans!

IMG_6751 (Medium) 

The Chuck Jones Gallery staff with Bill Plympton: from left Bob Parker, Scott Dicken, Joel Shapiro, Plympton, Erin Liddell, Carla Miramontes, Mike Dicken, Katy Easland, and Chris Scardino. 

IMG_6771 (Medium)

Plympton pauses during the festivities to get a hug from documentary director and producer of the soon-to-be-released documentary "Plymptoons", Alexia Anastasio, and Craig "Spike" Decker of the world famous "Spike and Mike's Animation Festivals."

Bill Plympton & Plymptoons Tonight!


Bill Plympton, two-time Oscar nominee, will be our special guest tonight from 7 to 10 PM at the Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, in the heart of San Diego's historic GasLamp District (across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel and smack in between K & L Streets.) 

Mr. Plympton will be dedicating and remarque-ing artwork purchased at this show.  Don't miss out on his first ever gallery exhibit in San Diego!  See you tonight! 

Art From These Bill Plympton Short Films On View Today!

The Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego (232 Fifth Ave., just 1/2 block north of the convention center) is completely over-the-moon with happiness!  Tonight, Friday, July 23rd from 7 to 9 PM, the amazing animator and film legend, Bill Plympton, will be our special guest for a reception at the opening of his exhibit, Idiots and Angels.

We’ll be premiering art from many of Plympton’s most brilliant cartoon shorts, including 25 Ways to Quit Smoking and How to Kiss plus lots more from his Dog series of short animated films and art from his most recent feature length animated film Idiots and Angels.  

Meet Bill Plympton Tonight!

The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to welcome auteur and animator-extraordinaire, Bill Plympton, to the gallery this evening in his first gallery appearance in San Diego.  The reception begins at 7 PM at 232 Fifth Avenue (just 1/2 block north of the convention center.) 

Premiering original art from Plympton's latest feature length animated film, Idiots and Angels, plus work from his Oscar-nominated short films and the insanely popular series of 'Dog' cartoons, the exhibit is sure to be a Comic Con and collector favorite. Call for more information 888-294-9880. 

Responses Just Now Coming In RE: Stan Lee Event Last Night at Chuck Jones Gallery


So, if you missed that, have no regrets & don't forget that two-time Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton is our guest this evening from 7 to 10 P.M.  Be there* or be square!

*Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue (1/2 block north of the convention center.) 888-294-9880

Comic Con at the Chuck Jones Gallery: Schedule of Events

Super Heroes, Strippers & Reluctant Angels

An All Star Line-Up of Events Announced

Chuck Jones Gallery Prepares for Series of Receptions

Comic-Con International, July 22 July 25


San Diego, CA—The
Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, in the heart of San Diego’s historic
Gaslamp District announced today their slate of artist receptions and events to
be held during the 2010 Comic-Con International, July 22-25.    


Thursday, July 22nd:   Stripperella
Saves the World!
  From 6 to 9 PM,
meet the two artists responsible for the world’s most super-talented stripper,
the incomparable Stan Lee (Spiderman, X-Men) and his talented protégé, Anthony
Winn (Stripperella.)  The gallery will be
premiering original art from these masters of the comic medium as well as
limited editions and sculpture.

Reflection mono 

"Reflection" mono-print by Anthony Winn


To cap off the evening, Felix Cane, the reigning Miss World Pole
Dancer 2009, will perform her amazing routine in the gallery.  Fresh off her starring turn in Cirque de
Zumanity, Ms. Cane will
astound you with her vivacious originality and sensuous execution.

Pixie Dust 

"Pixie Dust" original limited edition fine art print by Anthony Winn (starring Felix Cane)


Friday, July 23rdIdiots
and Angels
, from 7 to 10 PM meet two-time Academy Award-nominee and
animation legend, Bill Plympton.  Known
for his wry and wicked take on the world at large and humanity in particular,
Plympton has been wowing fans of animation for over 35 years with his
meticulously crafted hand-drawn animated films. 
With a new film due in theaters nationwide this September and a book
coming in Spring 2011 from Rizzoli, Bill Plympton is at the height of his
game.  On exhibit will be original
production art (all hand-drawn by Plympton) from many of his most beloved
animated films.


Original drawing by Bill Plympton for his "25 Ways to Quit Smoking" animated short film.


Original drawing by Bill Plympton for his Academy Award-nominated short film "Your Face"


Saturday, July 24th:  Two terrific events: 

Anthony Winn will be signing in the gallery Saturday afternoon
from 2 to 3 PM.  If you missed the chance
to meet him on Thursday, here’s another opportunity to acquire one of this
amazing young artist’s original or limited edition works of art.

Original comic book art by Anthony Winn


We are pleased to announce that artist Mike Kungl will be
our special guest Saturday evening from 7 to 8:30 PM premiering his two new
works for Marvel, “Iron Man” and “Black Widow” in his trademark Art Deco-styling.  These superb new works of art will be on
display and for sale at this event.  Mr.
Kungl will be dedicating artwork purchased during the show. 

IronMan Kungl     
Blk Widow Kungl
"Iron Man" and "Black Widow" original limited edition fine art prints by Mike Kungl.  

For more information and to RSVP for these events, please call 888-294-9880 or email SanDiego@ChuckJones.com. 

Chuck Jones Gallery: Spotlight on San Diego


Our southern California consultants got together yesterday at the beautiful Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego for a conference led by the amazing Greg Winston (see photo below.)  The gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue, in the heart of San Diego's famed GasLamp District, and is just wrapping up an incredible exhibit of rare Dr. Seuss editions (on paper, canvas & sculpture, too!) 

When you first enter the gallery you're greeted by the life-size bronze sculpture of Dr. Seuss' Lorax (who has a permanent home on the campus of the University of California–San Diego.) 

The gallery is designed in such a way that although it's a big loft-like space, it has areas that evoke the intimate feeling of your own home. 

There are, of course, big dramatic architectural gestures that perfectly frame the featured art of, in this case, Marcus Pierson.

With all of its nooks & crannies, you can spend hours enjoying the artwork & finding that one (or more!) special works of art that will be a perfect addition to your collection.

Gallery director, Mike Dicken, and his staff are busy getting ready for Comic Con International which opens Thursday, July 22nd and runs through Sunday, July 25th.  The gallery will be host to two incredible artists on Thursday and Friday evenings (see your invitation below) as well as weekend signings with Anthony Winn and Mike Kungl.  Make your plans to attend & remember to RSVP at 888-294-9880 or via email, SanDiego@ChuckJones.com.

Show postcard 6 x 11 copy

Show postcard 6 x 11 back copy

HPIM5457 group v2
Our southern California staff from left rear: Scott Dicken (V.P. of retail,) Greg Winston (conference leader,) Erin Liddell, Bob Parker, Joel Shapiro, San Diego art consultants and Mike Dicken, National Sales Director.  Front row from left: Carla Miramontes, San Diego art consultant and Chris Scardino, Tustin art consultant and teaching artist for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Orange.

We look forward to seeing you this month! 

Idiots and Angels

Idiots and Angels

Animation Legend Bill Plympton to Spread His

Chuck Jones Gallery Hosts Reception & Exhibition

Friday, July, 23rd


San Diego, CA—The Chuck Jones Gallery at 232 Fifth Avenue,
in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District, will be the scene of a ‘heavenly’
exhibition as they welcome two-time Academy Award-nominee Bill Plympton in a
special appearance by the artist Friday, July 23rd from 7 to 10
PM.   Long considered one of animation’s
premier auteurs and artists, Plympton will be the focus of his first gallery
exhibition in San Diego.  “Idiots and
Angels” is Plympton’s most recent feature length hand-drawn animated film that
will be premiering this fall in select theaters nationwide.  Original drawings by Plympton from the film
“Idiots and Angels” along with his original work for such popular short films
of his as “Guard Dog” (Oscar nominated,) “Horn Dog” and “Guide Dog” will be the
focus of the exhibition and sale.


Known for his irreverence and intellect, the emotional core
of Plympton’s films often focus on the state of humankind and the responses to
the forces of our nature that not only impede but also propel our future
stories.  His hand-drawn films are
complex, oblique, off-center dark comedies. 
When queried several years ago what his next feature would be, Plympton
replied off-handedly that, “it would be about an angel who didn’t want his
wings, and as we discussed the idea, I really got to like the concept. That
night, in my hotel room, I started to explore the dramatic possibilities of a
reluctant angel."


Born in Portland, Oregon and educated at the School
of Visual Arts in New York City, Plympton has called New York his home since
1968.  Early in his career he designed
magazines such as Cineaste and Film Society Review while contributing
illustrations to the New York Times,
Vanity Fair, The Village Voice
, Screw
and House Beautiful.  His cartoons appeared in such magazines
as Rolling Stone, National Lampoon, and Glamour.  In 1975, in The SoHo Weekly News, he began "Plympton," a political
cartoon strip.  By 1981, it was
syndicated in over twenty papers by Universal Press.
In 1987 he was nominated for an
Oscar® for his animated short "Your Face". In 2005, Bill
received another Oscar® nomination, this time for a short film "Guard
Dog". "Push Comes to Shove" another short film, won the
prestigious Cannes 1991 Palme d'Or.


After producing many shorts
that appeared on MTV and Spike and Mike's, he turned his talent to feature
films. Since 1991 he's made nine feature films, six of them, "The
Tune", "Mondo Plympton", "I Married A Strange Person",
"Mutant Aliens", "Hair High" and "Idiots and Angels"
are animated features that he has hand-drawn himself (they require over 70,000

01 GuideDog_nosale

About the gallery: 
The Chuck Jones Gallery, located in the heart of San Diego’s
historic Gaslamp District at 232 Fifth Ave., is the destination for art collectors
and visitors from around the world. 
Owned by Linda Jones Enterprises, the publisher and distributor of the
art of the legendary animation creator and director, Chuck Jones, it is the
only gallery in San Diego devoted to the art of the animated film.  Included in the on-going display is art from
all major animation studios as well as original paintings and limited edition
fine art from a variety of internationally known artists and photographers
whose work is entertainment related.  For
more information please call the gallery at 888-294-9880 or online at www.ChuckJonesGallery.com.  Blog: Chuck