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You Give Us Joy

The Chuck Jones Big Draw was completely and utterly amazing.  If you were there you'll know what I mean, if you weren't, let me share this note, anonymously written on a carrot that I found last night as we were cleaning up after a full day of creativity workshops:

You Give Us Joy
[It reads: "Dear Chuck~ Thank you for touching our lives with your creative genius.  You have given us the ability to laugh at ourselves through the antics of your wonderful characters.  You give us joy.  Love from an admiring & grateful fan.!!"

You give us joy.  There was enough joy yesterday at the Chuck Jones Big Draw to go around the world at least once, if not 100 times.  When you're allowed to let your creativity shine through in a nurturing, non-judgemental environment, it is absolutely amazing what you will produce.  

Sunny Dolberg
You give us joy.  Artist Sunny Dolberg shares her reverse transference process with a budding Picasso.  One of the most active of workshops, Sunny guided young and old alike in a process that creates a mono-print by painting your image on a clear acrylic sheet and pressing it (upside-down) onto a canvas or piece of paper.  The results were outstanding!

LJC and students
You give us joy.   Linda Jones Clough, equestrienne and daughter of Chuck Jones, led the session, "How to Draw a Horse" (shown here discussing the finer points of horse anatomy…would that be called "horse-sense"? IDK.)  Below is the horse that Linda drew as she worked with her group.

LJC horse

Reis storyboard class
You give us joy.  Stephen Reis (gesturing), storyboard artist and director for the animated cartoon, "The Simpsons" shares with his group how he works as he develops the storyline and animation for the series.  Participants then worked on their own storyboards.  Cowabunga, dude!

John ramirez and student
You give us joy.  This young lad is listening to the sage advice of artist and designer, John Ramirez, who is not only an award-winning designer and cartoonist, but is also the designer of the soon-to-open Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.  John led his burgeoning John Lasseters in the creation of their very own thaumatrope (a circular disk with a drawn image on each side, attached to two pieces of string and spun to create a moving image.)

Jimmy and mural
You give us joy.  Muralist, actor, model, father, citizen of the world; those are just some of the words that describe the wonderfully talented James (Jimmy) C. Mulligan.  All the while the Chuck Jones Big Draw was in session, he worked on this mural…started and completed in 6 hours (including a break for lunch).  Such awesomeness!

Bob Elias
You give us joy.  Artist and surfer, Bob Elias, handed out advice on painting to our budding Frankenthalers, Kahlos and Rothkos.  

Indeed, everyone gave us joy yesterday…here's a few more photos from the day:

Digital horse

Daffy draftsman

Gina and Kas

Kim Sudhalter

Lorna and luann

Nicole and natalie

Tommy Martinez and student

Young student

Blank stare teenager
You give us joy.  Artist Mary Beth Volpini helped participants loosen up their creative muscles and switch their thinking from the left side of their brains to the right at the first station at the Chuck Jones Big Draw, "What Does Fun Look Like?"  Here two of the many teen-agers who took advantage her guidance work diligently on their answers.  

Photography Workshop Added to Chuck Jones Big Draw

Creativity with a Camera and A Photographer's Life will be the focus of noted Orange County professional photographers, Stephanie Adriana and Val Westover, as they lead a series of special seminars for devotees of the camera (13 yrs. and up) at this Sunday's Chuck Jones Big Draw.  

We interrupt this program to bring you this important announcement!

This just in: FREE admission to the Chuck Jones Big Draw between 1 and 2 PM.  Help us break a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue and learn how to draw Bugs Bunny from Chuck Jones!

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Stephanie Adriana

Stephanie Adriana's award-winning work can be found in Cowboys and Indians magazine, covers and articles for Ladera Ranch Magazine, Coto de Caza Quarterly, Wrangler Magazine, as well as displayed in hotels, restaurants and homes around the country. Stephanie also enjoys photographing destination and celebrity weddings, modeling headshots, boudoir, engagement and family portraiture.

"Life is so beautiful to me, I am constantly awed and inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, so much so that all I want to do is "Capture that moment in time Forever" with my camera.  I am terribly distracted by color! I'm overwhelmed by the desire to capture it as I see it, brights, darks, brilliant hues and rich tones…. in all of their glory! Some times the beauty of a scene or situation completely captivates me and I'm compelled to photograph it until I've captured it perfectly. What an awful affliction to have!"   Click on Stephanie's photo above to see her portfolio.

Val Westover

Val Westover is a speaker, author, photographic educator and photographer. His clients come from all walks of life, from the girl next door to the celebrity superstar and everyone in between. He has been privileged to shoot some   incredible weddings and portrait sessions, meeting some amazing people.    
For over two decades, Val has pioneered his unmistakable style, influencing many photographers. He was the district manager for one of the nation’s largest portrait studios, and for over seven years was personally responsible for the training and development of hundreds of photographers. Val opened his own studio in 1994, and his portrait work can be found in homes all over the world.
Photographers come from all over the country to learn how to “photograph like a pro”. Val offers a variety of photography workshops and is available for private   one-on-one coaching, incredible destination photography expeditions and professional business consultations.
Val has a gift in bringing out the true personality of anyone, especially children. Posed or photojournalistic portraits, Val captures warmth, happiness, laughter and love.  To view Val's portfolio, click on his photo above.


To learn more about their programs, click on Capturing True Emotion.  

The Chuck Jones Big Draw is thrilled to have the participation of these two very talented photographers on Sunday, August 7, 11 AM to 5 PM at South Coast Collection (next to Paul Mitchell), 3303 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, California.  To register, visit EventComplete.com.  

Trevor Carlton: The Secrets of a Professional Artist

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a professional artist?  Is it all berets and filterless French cigarettes and double shots of espresso and an unexplainable cough and nubile nudes posing for you under the north-facing skylight in your garrett atelier or is it something else entirely?

You'll have the chance to find out on Sunday, August 7th, at the Chuck Jones Big Draw as artist Trevor Carlton shares his secrets and the ins and outs of working professionally as an artist.  

Trevor, a native of Olympia, Washington, started painting in high school, but his first love was the stage and he went on to study acting at his local college, and then at the Lee Strasberg Acting Workshop in Los Angeles where he pursued his acting career.  But, as happens with actors, he paid the bills by working in a custom furniture store specializing in faux finishes.  His signature style was developed here.

Using reclaimed lumber as his canvas, he started painting images of vintage Americana with subjects ranging from pop icon celebrities to jazz greats.  More recently he has been commissioned by Disney Studios to create limited edition artwork utilizing their characters in his unique style.  

At the Chuck Jones Big Draw, Trevor will be speaking with anyone who wants to know more about the challenges and rewards of becoming a professional artist.  Also, along with his friend and painting partner, Stephen Reis, he will be creating a very special performance piece later in the afternoon.  Stick around for it–it's a terrific experience!   

The Chuck Jones Big Draw, Sunday, August 7th from 11 AM to 5 PM at South Coast Collection, 3303 Hyland Avenue (next to Paul Mitchell) in Costa Mesa, California.  Help us set a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue beginning promptly at 2 PM.  For more details and to register go to EventComplete.   "Like" us on Facebook at The Chuck Jones Big Draw!

Surfing the Waves of Inspiration: Artist Bob Elias at Chuck Jones Big Draw

California artist and long-time Orange County resident, Bob Elias, will be a featured artist at the Chuck Jones Big Draw, Sunday, August 7th from 11 AM to 5 PM.  Throughout the day Elias will be working on a new painting of two of Chuck Jones's iconic characters, but who they are will remain between Bob and I until Sunday.  So, start excersizing your drawing arm and come down to SoCo, 3303 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa on Sunday, August 7th for the Chuck Jones Big Draw and see what this noted artist and surfer will be working on!  Help us set a Guinness World Record for the largest art class held in one venue, register today!

Artist Bob Elias at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity with his most recent painting that pays homage to an American classic, the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons created and directed by Chuck Jones.

DSC_5932 (Large)
Bob Elias works on a painting inspired by Jones's "Duck, Rabbit, Duck" cartoon of 1953.  He says he always loved cartoons (both Warner Bros. and Disney–he's also a noted painter for the theme parks) and that growing up in the artist community of Carmel-by-the-Sea in the 1950s gave him the inspiration to pursue his calling after a storied career in the hand-painted sign business.  "Those rich, deeply pigmented paints that are used for sign painting inspire my use of color to this day," said Elias. "I had so much fun at the last Chuck Jones Big Draw talking with the children and adults about painting and my technique, that I can hardly wait for this one!"  You can find Bob every so often off the shore at San O (San Onofre Beach just south of San Clemente, California) sitting on his board waiting for the perfect wave and a little bit of inspiration.  


Important Information! How to Draw Bugs Bunny

Since the Chuck Jones Big Draw will be setting a Guinness World Record for the most people taking an art class in one venue on Sunday, August 7th at exactly 2 PM PDT (location: 3303 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA) and since we're all going to learn how to draw Bugs Bunny, it seems completely appropriate and timely that we should start learning from the master himself, Chuck Jones.  See you there!

Thanks to Larry Levine, co-creator of Aw Prunes for reminding me this clip existed!  Join us by registering at www.EventComplete.com.  

Pencils.com a New Sponsor of the Chuck Jones Big Draw

California Cedar Products/Pencils.com

Partners with Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

To Sponsor

The Chuck Jones Big Draw 

Tustin, CA—The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity announced today that the manufacturer of Chuck Jones’s favorite pencil, Pencils.com (a California Cedar Products Company) will be a sponsor of the Chuck Jones Big Draw, scheduled for Sunday, August 7, 2011 at SOCO (South Coast Collection), 3303 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA.  Pencils.com will provide the drawing pencils for participants of the Big Draw and gift the Center’s teaching artists with its newly re-designed Blackwing 602, the favored pencil of legendary animation director and creator, Chuck Jones.  Jones employed the Blackwing 602 for the six decades of his storied career and was rarely seen without one.  

"Chuck Jones loved Blackwing pencils and his art epitomized the fun, creative culture that our company tries so hard to promote. We're thrilled to partner with an organization centered on inspiring the type of creativity that can lead people of all ages to a more joyous and harmonious life," stated Charles Berolzheimer, President of California Cedar Products and Pencils.com

Pencils.com is the internet's leading resource for information about pencils and the creative processes that help define them. Pencils.com aims to grow the use of pencils throughout the world by offering lessons and articles that investigate and promote creativity through writing and drawing.  Pencils.com offers one of the best pencil collections on the web, with a broad range of school, art and writing supplies from leading manufacturers, including their own California Republic family of brands. This includes the rebirth of the famed Blackwing pencil, along with its premium Palomino art pencils and eco-friendly ForestChoice writing products. 

Behind Pencils.com is California Cedar Products Company, the world’s leading supplier of wooden slats used to manufacture pencils. A fourth generation, family-owned company, Cal Cedar has been built on a tradition of excellence both in the production of superior products and in our dedication to building strong relations with our customers. 

“The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is honored to welcome Pencils.com as a sponsor of our upcoming Chuck Jones Big Draw.  My grandfather’s attachment to the Blackwing 602 pencil is legendary.  As the artist Paul Klee once said, “A line is a dot out for a walk,” and Chuck wouldn’t think of taking a walk without his Blackwing 602,” said Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the grandson of Chuck Jones, “their support means so much to so many and we look forward to future collaborative efforts with Pencils.com.” 

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was founded in 1999 by four-time Academy Award recipient, Chuck Jones to promote his unique philosophy of developing the creative genius that resides in all of us, utilizing his drawings, films and writings as the springboard to a more joyous and innovative life.  Through public educational programs such as the Chuck Jones Big Draw, the Center reaches out to families, students and adults through interactive programs that lead them to a more passionate, joyous, and harmonious life and world.  


The Inspiration Behind the Chuck Jones Big Draw

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity will be presenting its second Chuck Jones Big Draw on Sunday, August 7th from 11 AM to 5 PM at SOCO (South Coast Collection), 3303 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  Loads of fun art projects for the whole family — parents don't be shy, we want to inspire your creativity too! — drawing, painting, murals, performance art, collage and sculpture.  Each station will be lovingly nurtured by the Center's teaching artists.  At 2 PM that afternoon we hope to beat the world record of 809 people at an art class led by one instructor all in one location set in 2004 in Germany.  Come help us set a new record.  Ticket information at EventComplete.com.  

Here's Craig Kausen, Chuck's grandson, talking about the inspiration behind the Chuck Jones Big Draw:


Watch for more about the teaching artists and our generous sponsors in the coming days!  

Pink Donuts + the Chuck Jones Big Draw

You might ask yourself what pink donuts have to do with the Chuck Jones Big Draw and you'd be right to do so.  I imagine that Chuck may have enjoyed a pink donut on occasion (no one's talking if he did or didn't), but still it seems a stretch, doesn't it?


Well, wonder no more!  "The Simpson's" storyboard artist and animator, Stephen Reis, will be one of our teaching artists at the upcomnig Chuck Jones Big Draw.  Not only will he be working with young and old alike at the animation station, but with his painting partner, Trevor Carlton, will be creating a painting to music in a performance you won't want to miss!  To read a great interview with Stephen, click on the pink donut.

The Chuck Jones Big Draw will be held Sunday, August 7th from 11 AM to 5 PM at SOCO (South Coast Collection), 3303 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626.  We really want to set a world record for the largest  art class held in one location, starting promptly at 2 PM, so please come out and join in the fun, meet Stephen Reis and our large group of teaching artists and discover your innate creative genius. To reserve your space go to EventComplete.com or click on Bugs Bunny.

BigDrawPostcard5x7_AugRev (Large)

Chuck Jones Image of the Day: Ducklaration

You might very well look at this image and ask yourself, "What do these characters have to do with our nation's founding?"  Well wonder no more, here's the story as told to us by a very wise person…

In the middle 1970s Chuck Jones was producing and directing several half hour TV specials based on the George Selden "Cricket in Times Square" books and characters.  The last of a trio of films starring Harry Cat, Chester Cricket and Tucker Mouse was "Yankee Doodle Cricket" and as was often the case with Chuck, he made a thorough investigation of the period (revolutionary, my good fellow!) and while working on model drawings, the look and feel of the film, he took that left turn at Albuquerque and created the drawing that was used as the line for this hand-painted limited edition cel that stars Pepe le Pew, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam as they witness Daffy Duck applying his "Daffy Duck" (did you think I was going to say his "John Hancock"?) to the Ducklaration of Independence.  

Each "Ducklaration" in the edition has been hand-painted by expert cel painters, one color at a time (from darkest to lightest) on the reverse side of the acetate (cel) sheet, Chuck approved each by hand-signing each example.  To add this special work of art to your collection, please contact your Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant and you will receive two free tickets to "Bugs Bunny at the Symphony" on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, California and two free tickets to the Chuck Jones Big Draw on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at SOCO (South Coast Collection) in Costa Mesa, California, a $150.00 value!  San Diego: 888-294-9880; Santa Fe: 800-290-5999; Tustin: 800-959-7175.

Here's a little taste of "Yankee Doodle Cricket":

Chuck Jones Big Draw = Big Hit!

Yesterday, the inaugural Chuck Jones Big Draw got off with a big bang as over 200 children and adults filled the Irvine Marriott's Tuscany Ballroom for a day of magical thinking, drawing, painting, building, creating, and inspiring!  Held from 10 AM to 2:30 PM, the Chuck Jones Big Draw was the perfect way for a family to spend a Sunday together.  Not only did the young children immediately immerse themselves in their artistic endeavors, but their parents and their older siblings (teenagers!) did too.  There was so much concentration going you could here a brush stroke the canvas.

DSC_5713 (Large)
Craig Kausen (left), grandson of Chuck Jones and the chairman of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was on hand to extend his "bravo!" and "well done!" to these creative geniuses.  

DSC_5941 (Large)
Friend of the Center and muralist (and actor), James C. Mulligan contributed his amazing talents, creating a marvelous portrait of two of Chuck Jones's iconic cartoon characters, Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.  Not only did he develop the layout (a triptych–three separate panels), but he also guided our young guests as they helped him paint the image (below).

DSC_5680 (Large)
Even the youngest among us had fun at the iPad station.  This two year-old was drawing & painting all sorts of wonderful images (trees were his favorite).  His father told me that he would correct their use of the computer, he was that savvy.  Youth today!

DSC_5710 (Large)
Artist Bob Elias (below) spent the day demonstrating his technique on two new canvases featuring cartoon characters brought to life by the inimitable Chuck Jones.  P.S.  Bob's been surfing all of his life and if you look closely you'll see a little surf culture in his use of paint and how he applies it to the canvas.  

DSC_5932 (Large)
One of the highlights of the Chuck Jones Big Draw was the performance painting that Trevor Carlton and Steven Reis created to music in 20 minutes!  Trevor (pictured below left) is one of the fine artists working with a variety of studios and Steven is a storyboard artist on "The Simpsons".  

DSC_5838 (Large)
You couldn't have walked into the room without noticing that the energy level was vibrating with positive, encouraging inspiration.  It was a truly creative day.  Before their performance, Steven spent an hour or so with anyone who was interested, guiding and encouraging and drawing and mentoring.

DSC_5628 (Large)
But of all the happy faces I saw yesterday, this young lady's sums up the day best:

DSC_5693 (Large)
All photos courtesy Stephen Russo.