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When in Doubt, Ask…You Never Know Who Might Answer

Chuck Redux recently came across a flurry of questions about the value of visiting the Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas on a Vegas Message Board


They were good questions, and it seemed like an opportunity for someone close to Chuck Jones to answer them. 

So, Craig Kausen, Chuck's grandson had this to say in reply to their questions:

"Well, I must start out by revealing that I'm terribly biased in my review of the Chuck Jones Experience. I am Chuck Jones' grandson, Craig.

"However, although I must say that I personally think it is well worth the admission price, each person or group that sends me notes, text messages, pictures, or even actual letters (forbid!), has said that they were enthralled by the journey they were taken on inside the Experience. Just yesterday a friend said her accountant was out there with 10 young soccer players (10 or 12 years old), along with parents, and although she thought it was big ticket amount for the group when they arrived, she said they spent a couple of hours and could hardly get the kids and many of the parents to leave when they had to go to their next game.

"It is like walking inside of a Chuck Jones cartoon that is super life-sized, as well as walking into his studio (with his actual desk setting right before you), that includes hundreds of books from his own personal library, so you can glimpse a bit inside of his genius. 

"There is a room where you can see how you measure up next to Life-sized characters and then walk into a filming of a Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon being filmed by Bugs Bunny and directed by Daffy W. Griffith, all in larger than life-sized three dimensional creations.

"There are over 250 original works of art ranging from historical production materials to oil paintings, to traditional fine art, all by Chuck himself.

"There is also an interactive area where you can record sound effects at the Rikki Tikki Tavi Foley station and create your own Zoetrope animation strip.

"There are great photo opportunities throughout.

"If I'm there, I'll take you on a personal tour too!

"And, yes, there are plenty of t-shirts to be had as well as other great things to take home if you like.

"I'll even make a bold statement that if you don't like it, ask for Neil and I'm sure he'll give you your money back. (Neil???)

"Plus, there are $5 coupons all over Las Vegas to make it even more affordable.

"I hope you at least go by to take a look if you're in town.


"PS Gregrio, you are so right about THE Steak House at Circus Circus. Best steaks I've ever had…"

To read the entire thread, click on Chuck's photo below.

And when in Vegas, do as the Vegans do. Or is that do as the Vegasians do? Or is it Vegasites? Hmmm, something to think about…

Drop In & Draw: Saturdays at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

On Saturdays you will find Christopher Scardino, our teaching artist (an alum of Laguna College of Art and Design) leading, encouraging and nurturing a group of children, young adults and adults at the Center's popular "Drop In & Draw" Saturdays.  

Hosted by the Center from 9 AM to 12 PM (most Saturdays, please call 949-660-7793 or 714-516-9540 to confirm) this opportunity to develop your or a child's creativity is open to participants from 3 years old to 103 (at the least, older most welcome, and those under 6 should be accompanied by an adult.)  The Center is located at 131 West Chapman Avenue (north side of the street, just 1/2 block west of the Plaza.  

P8130881 (Medium)
The goal of the morning drawing class is to give young Rembrandts and Frankenthalers the space that will allow them to expand their creativity by having free reign to draw, sculpt, paint or construct anything that they wish with guidance from Chris as needed (or requested.)  All supplies and materials are provided by the Center; the nominal fee is $10.00 per child up to age 10 and $15.00 for everyone older. 

Let's get together and draw!  See you there!