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Image of the Day: Now Hear This!

NOHE-01-7 copy
This 1963 Academy Award-nominated cartoon, “Now
Hear This” was the second in a series of mostly abstract cartoons directed by
Chuck Jones while he was at Warner Bros. 
Coming, as it did, at the end of the “Golden Age of Animation” it drew
(pun!) on modernist tendencies in the visual arts, all the while still telling
a traditional story.  This character,
although unnamed, instigates several silly sleight-of-sight/hearing/hand gags
played upon the main character, Colonel Blip.  

NOHE-01-15 copy
Blip mistakenly (as he later finds out) has thrown out his hearing device and
has replaced it with one of the Devil’s horns (who is shown one-hornless during
the title sequence at the beginning of the film.)  This new horn amplifies sound tremendously
and causes the Colonel much mayhem and consternation.  Extremely rare production art from this
pre-cursor to the even more abstract “The Dot and the Line” of 1966.