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“It Held Me Smellbound.”

When Chuck Jones's 1949 short animated film starring PepĂ© le Pew, "For Scent-i-mental Reasons" won the Oscar for best short animated film at the Oscars held in March of 1950, he received many congratulatory telegrams (of course, he did not get the actual Oscar statuette, that honor was bestowed upon the producer, the irascible Eddie Selzer), but of all of the congratulations, the telegram below, from the inimitable Tex Avery is perhaps the most delightful.  This artfact will be on display at the soon-to-open Chuck Jones Experience at Circus Circus in Las Vegas.



Image of the Day: Chuck Jones Holiday Card — 1950

1950 copy 
This design for the 1950 Jones family holiday greeting card is mixed media (graphite & India Ink) on paper–and exhibits Chuck Jones' mastery of painting with India Ink, an ability (he elevated it to an art) that he would use in the creation of the final line for his limited editions nearly 30 years later.