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Artist Mike Bilz at the Chuck Jones Gallery

Do you have a moment for a funny story? Not funny, “ha, ha”, but funny like “what an interesting coincidence”.


A couple of years ago, a beautiful bride-to-be named Ashley, came into the gallery to meet with her wedding planner (we share our gallery space with event planners). Carol, our art consultant, and Ashley got to talking and turns out that not only do Ashley and her fiance, Mike, love the art of Chuck Jones, but Mike’s also an artist. Carol invites him to submit a canvas to that year’s Red Dot Auction.

"Genius at Work", fine art reproduction on canvas by Mike Bilz. Click image for details.

“Genius at Work”, fine art reproduction on canvas by Mike Bilz. Click image for details.

And everyone loved his work (still do, for that matter)! So, that’s how Mike Bilz became one of the artist working with the Chuck Jones Looney Tunes character legacy. Mike’s unusual and funny point-of-view coupled with his rich, baroque palette and luminous painterly technique make for delightfully unique works of art.

"Socially Secure" a fine art reproduction on canvas by Mike Bilz. Click image for details.

“Socially Secure” a fine art reproduction on canvas by Mike Bilz. Click image for details.

"Laundry Day" a fine art reproduction on canvas by Mike Bilz. Click image for details.

“Laundry Day” a fine art reproduction on canvas by Mike Bilz. Click image for details.

For more information about the original and limited edition art of Mike Bilz, please contact Carol Erickson at the gallery, 949-274-4834 or your own personal Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant.

Mike Bilz signing the Chuck Jones Gallery--Orange County "artist" door. Click image for his biography.

Mike Bilz signing the Chuck Jones Gallery–Orange County “artist” door. Click image for his biography.

Star Wars Tribute with James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, Rob Kaz @ Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego

The Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego will be the site for a “Star Wars” Art Tribute on Thursday, July 21 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Our special guest artists will be James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, and Rob Kaz. RSVP required 619-294-9880.

James Coleman, known around the world as one of the pre-eminent Disney background artists, has, over the past several years, turned his eye to creating a rich and luxurious body of work that celebrates not only his work at Disney and his deep, abiding love for Hawaii, but also his fascination for the movies. His new interpretive “Star Wars” work brings together all of his loves and immense talent to bear on some of the most exquisite paintings and limited edition fine art prints of his career.

"Ewok Village, original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

“Ewok Village, original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

"Meditation", original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

“Meditation”, original painting by James Coleman, acrylic on canvas.

Rodel Gonzalez is a rock star! No, it’s true, Rodel’s first career was as the lead singer for a rock band in his native Philippines. However, over the past few years, he’s turned his creative eye to painting. His interpretive work of the Disney Studio characters and “Star Wars” have become highly sought after by collectors. His innate talent as a narrative painter is one reason his work touches the hearts and minds of so many.

"Captain Phasma" original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

“Captain Phasma” original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

"Good vs. Evil" original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

“Good vs. Evil” original painting by Rodel Gonzalez, acrylic on canvas.

The young artist, Rob Kaz, charms with his whimsical story-telling abilities and vibrant palette of tropical colors. His wit and sharp intellect are apparent in his paintings, with their luxurious colors and dense shapes and forms. Although the shown “Star Wars” works are more monochromatic in palette, they still retain the fresh viewpoint of this young, up-and-coming fine artist.

"Hans Maneuver" original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

“Hans Maneuver” original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

"TR-8R" original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

“TR-8R” original painting by Rob Kaz, acrylic on canvas.

Meet James Coleman, Rodel Gonzalez, and Rob Kaz at the Chuck Jones Gallery on Thursday, July 21 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, RSVP required: 619-294-9880. The gallery is located at 232 Fifth Avenue, in the heart of San Diego’s historic Gas Lamp Quarter, directly across from the Hard Rock Hotel, and one short block from the Convention Center.


“Phazer Universe”, “A Daze Work” Artists to Appear at Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego

Shatner Singularity, publisher of William Shatner’s “WAR Chronicles” and the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego will premier art from two of Shatner Singularity‘s new titles, “Phazer Universe” with art by Mariano Nicieza and “A Daze Work” with art by Tim Walsh and story by Chris Robinson. Meet the artists on Saturday, July 23 at 11:30 AM during Comic Con International!

Phazer Universe- Mariano Nicieza

Mariano Nicieza

Artist and publisher, Mariano Nicieza

Mariano Nicieza is the creator, writer and artist of “Phazer Universe”, an action-adventure storyline which includes multi-national super-powered heroes and villains, Agent Three Zero, Blackray, Blue Sultan and Phazer.

He is an Executive Producer for William Shatner “WAR Chronicles” and Stan Lee’s “God Woke” and a publisher with credits that include writing, illustration, design, and art direction in: digital and print comic books, graphic novels, magazines, trading-cards, posters, brochures, and dozens of commercial projects for Marvel Entertainment, Disney, Malibu Publishing, Fleer, Paramount, and Panasonic.


“Battle” by Mariano Nicieza, Fine Art Reproduction on canvas, 16″ x 20″.

"Blackray's Undersea Habitat" by Mariano Nicieza. Fine art reproduction on canvas, 20" x 16".

“Blackray’s Undersea Habitat” by Mariano Nicieza. Fine art reproduction on canvas, 20″ x 16″.

Mariano has a BA in Art from Rutgers College, Rutgers University, a MA in Illustration from Syracuse University and a MFA in Illustration from Hartford University. He currently resides in New Jersey and is the Co-Owner of LNL Partners, Inc., and President of MN Productions, Inc.

Artist Tim Walsh

Artist Tim Walsh

A Daze Work is the creation of Tim Walsh, an award-winning graphic designer and lifelong Jersey Shore resident. Tim took his real-life summer experiences working on the boardwalk, and created a unique comic showcasing them. Writer Chris Robinson had similar experiences during his youth, and was happy to lend his creative style to the pages of A Daze Work. A comedian, improviser, and YouTuber, Chris has taken the imaginative world Tim created, and put his own brand of humorous insanity on each page.


“A Daze Work” art by Tim Walsh. Fine art reproduction on paper, 15″ x 18″.


“A Daze Work” art by Tim Walsh. Fine art reproduction on paper, 15″ x 18″.

A Daze Work follows the life of Finch and Barry, two guys flipping burgers and making pizza at The PLUS. The PLUS is a small boardwalk eatery in Pleasant Point, New Jersey. Finch, the main character, is someone you probably knew yourself growing up. An average Joe trying to find his place in the world, yet he always finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Barry is Finch’s best friend. They’ve grown up together and even though they’re working a crummy summer job, they’re both looking for something more out of life. Will they find it? Will wacky customers and summer love derail their plans?


Honey Bunny Always Gets Her Rabbit! In Time for Valentine’s Day . . .

Each week leading up to Valentine’s Day 2016, we’ll feature an artist and a suggestion for a gift of art for your sweetheart. This week it’s Warner Bros. and Disney fine artist, Bob Elias.











Introducing “Honey Bunny Always Gets Her Rabbit!”, a fine art reproduction on canvas by artist Bob Elias, edition of 40 with 14 Artist Proofs. The signed and numbered edition measures 12″ x 15″ and is priced at just $295 with gallery wrap. The APs measure 16″ x 20″ and are only $525, hand-embellished. Delivery available in time for Valentine’s Day giving.

Bob Elias has been painting for the Chuck Jones Gallery since 2011 and enjoys a loyal following of collectors and fans. He’s constantly inspired by Chuck Jones’s Warner Bros. cartoons and also by Jones’s character drawings, especially the lines. Bob’s background in sign-painting is apparent in his masterful use of color-blocking and how he juxtaposes contrasting colors to imbue the image with its fanciful subject matter.

A passionate surfer, Bob can often be found at San Onofre with his long-board. His mastery of this simple, yet difficult sport has contributed to his successful discipline as a painter. His paintings are full of his joie de vivre and yet his technical virtuosity adds another layer of perfection to the finished canvas.

Contact your Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant to place your order for “Honey Bunny Always Gets Her Rabbit” today!

San Diego | 888-294-9880 | Costa Mesa | 866-248-2556 | Santa Fe | 800-290-5999 or shop online at

Not to Be Missed! Irvine Classical Players with Seraphim Symphony Perform at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity!

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the Irvine Classical Players with Seraphim Symphony are pleased to present a musical tribute to the 1996 Emmy Award-winning live action with animation television special, “Peter and the Wolf”* on Friday, May 29 from 7 to 9 PMat the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.
Selections of music from Sergei Prokofiev’s 1936 symphony with spoken word, “Peter and the Wolf” will be performed live by this group of talented musical prodigies,and a photo montage of the characters designed by Chuck Jones for the live action/animated version will be shown. Introduction and spoken word by Craig Kausen, Chuck Jones’s grandson.
All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the charities.
CJCC Symphony Night Flyer
Watch Vinson Luo of the Irvine Classical Players Perform!



This Just In! “Cels” are 100 Years Old Today!

Thanks to Tom Sito we learned that on this date in 1914, Earl Hurd patented animation ‘cels’ (celluloids) and backgrounds. Before this cartoonists tried drawing the background settings over and over again hundreds of times or slashed the paper around the character and tried not to have it walk in front of anything. By the late 1990’s, most cels & cel paint had been replaced by digital imaging.

"Plein Air Genius" a hand-painted cel art edition celebrating the Chuck Jones Centennial year 2012

“Plein Air Genius” a hand-painted cel art edition celebrating the Chuck Jones Centennial year 2012

New Paintings from Christopher Scardino

The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to announce the recent arrival of two new oil paintings by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino.

Combining his love for renaissance art and the cartoon characters so memorably brought to life by Chuck Jones, has inspired Chris to develop a dialogue between the two. In one of the new paintings, “Baroque Bugs” we find Bugs Bunny lounging in toga and flora wreath, carrot juice in a delicate glass bowl at his fingertips, the fruits of the season arrayed in front of him a la Italian painter Caravaggio’s “Bacchus”. Chris has given Bugs the same grand gesture, the comparable chiaroscuro, and the insouciance that characterizes not only Caravaggio’s painting (and life), but that of Bugs Bunny as well.

"Baroque Bugs" oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 27" x 21" framed.

“Baroque Bugs” oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 27″ x 21″ framed.

The second painting, “Man’s Best Friend” puts Marvin Martian on the pedestal he so richly deserves. Imagining what Michelangelo might have sculpted had he had Marvin as a model. we find the otherworldly creature standing proud and tall against the constellations in the night sky above him, his faithful companion, K-9, conveniently ‘covering’ for him. Again, as in “Baroque Bugs”, Chris’s clever insight into the character enriches the viewing experience.

"Man's Best Friend" oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 25" x 19" framed.

“Man’s Best Friend” oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 25″ x 19″ framed.

Chris has said about his work, “I hope that this work will spawn other ideas and…with respect to the nucleus of my work, I hope to awaken an emotion inside us all.”

Contact your Chuck Jones Gallery art consultant for pricing and availability.




May the 4th Be with You!

Episode IV Decade III


John Alvin (1949-2008), arguably the most important movie poster artist of the last quarter of the 20th century, created this poster celebrating the 4th decade of the “Star Wars” trilogy.
Released in 2007 at the Celebration IV convention held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Alvin’s tour de force artistry and virtuoso command of media come together in this magnificent 36″ x 21″ fine art print on paper. Limited to just 250 examples and hand-signed by the artist, this image represents the pinnacle of poster art for the Star Wars franchise.
Offered at just $275 unframed, we are thrilled to be able to offer this important work to the public. Quantities are limited, so call today to order your “Episode IV Decade III Star Wars” poster!

Costa Mesa: 866-248-2556 (866-ChuckJones) or

San Diego: 888-294-9880 or

Santa Fe: 800-290-5999 or

Funny Pictures: The Art of Cartooning

A Retrospective Exhibition of Original Cartoon Art by Brothers Eric & Bill Teitelbaum

Single Panel Cartoons from the Pink Panther, the New Yorker, Bottomliners to Be Featured

Original art by Eric & Bill Teitelbaum for the Pink Panther Sunday comic strip.

Original art by Eric & Bill Teitelbaum for the Pink Panther Sunday comic strip.

Santa Fe, NM: The Chuck Jones Gallery, located on Santa Fe’s historic Palace Avenue, announced today that Eric & Bill Teitelbaum will be their special guests at the opening of a retrospective exhibition of the duo’s original single panel cartoons on Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 6 to 9 PM. The exhibit of original comic art drawings by acclaimed cartoonist brothers Eric and Bill Teitelbaum –including examples from facets of their diverse career, featuring over 90 preparatory drawings, sketches, and original comic panels including the Pink Panther Comic Strip,The New Yorker, and the syndicated business cartoon, Bottomliners. The reception is free and open to the public. The gallery is located at 135 W. Palace Avenue, Santa Fe. 

“The Chuck Jones Gallery is delighted to exhibit this collection of cartoons by the Teitelbaum brothers,” said gallery director, Toshi Sanchez, “It brilliantly showcases their cultural commentary in their drawings for The New Yorker, business satire of Bottomliners, and the visual humor of the iconic Pink Panther now celebrating its 50th anniversary. We want people to see how a variety of artistic styles, strategies, and techniques offer a glimpse of how leading comic artists can take rough ideas and turn them into polished art, bringing laughter into the lives of millions of viewers.”

Original art for "Bottomliners" by Eric & BIll Teitelbaum, mixed media on paper.

Original art for “Bottomliners” by Eric & BIll Teitelbaum, mixed media on paper.

Eric and Bill Teitelbaum were raised in Palm Springs, California, and from an early age showed signs of the talent and dedication to art that would propel them into becoming two of today’s leading artists in this cartoon genre. With encouragement from their father—a lawyer and aspiring comedy writer—the brothers soon rubbed elbows and developed projects with such luminaries as “Lil Abner” creator Al Capp,  “No Respect” comic Rodney Dangerfield, and television producer Aaron Spelling. Their original drawings now adorn the walls of such media personalities as Doctor Laura, Maury Povich, Pat Sajak, super-entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens and the late publisher, Malcolm Forbes, Jr.

The Teitelbaum Brothers are in Santa Fe the week prior to the opening night reception leading three-day cartooning and art workshop camps at Santa Fe Community College, 6401 Richards Avenue. The workshops are: “Funny Pictures, Cartooning for Kids” and “Fine Art for Kids,” both of which are appropriate for ages 9 to 16 plus they’ll lead an adult class, “Cartooning for Artists and Teachers.” Eric and Bill bring their considerable talent, passion, and expertise to bear in these exciting and fun programs. You’ll draw, you’ll laugh, and you’ll leave knowing more than when you arrived. To reserve your space at these special workshops, please contact Santa Fe Community College at 505-428-1270 or for additional information, call 505-428-1676.

Bill, left, and his brother, Eric, with pink friend.

Bill, left, and his brother, Eric, with pink friend.

“There’s No Place Like Home” New Art from the Iconic Film, “The Wizard of Oz”

Costa Mesa, CA:  Craig Kausen, President of Linda Jones Enterprises, announced today that the venerable art publishing house founded by his mother Linda in 1977 has been appointed by Warner Bros. to produce, publish, and distribute art based on the 1939 classic film starring Judy Garland, “The Wizard of Oz”.

Glitz & Goodness_Revised Logo

“We’re excited to work with our current collection of artists as well as with some bright new talent to bring to the art marketplace images that will appeal across generations,” Kausen said, “’The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the most significant films of the past 100 years, it made a star out of Judy Garland, and ushered in the use of Technicolor. Many of the songs, characters, and spoken words are considered national treasures. It is truly one for the ages.”

"Startling Stories: Tin Man" by Andrea Alvin

“Startling Stories: Tin Man” by Andrea Alvin

Warner Bros. premiered the re-mastered 3D IMAX version of the film at a gala private party at the newly restored Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Sunday, September 15. This version of the film will then go into wider distribution. In addition, characters from the film will debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2013 and 2014 as well Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical version of the tale; “The Wizard of Oz” will begin a 20-city U.S. tour this fall. Along with the release of collector books, toys, and children’s programming, Warner Bros. is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to bring “There’s No Place Like Home” to communities around the country.

"Ruby Slippers" by Steven Chorney

“Ruby Slippers” by Steven Chorney

Linda Jones Enterprises will present new work specially commissioned for this major anniversary by such well-known artists as Andrea Alvin, John Alvin, Steven Chorney, and Mike Kungl. They’ll be introducing work by Kathy Daywalt, Daniel Killen, Robert Delgadillo (AKA RAD), T. J. Novy, and Joseph Yakovetic.

"Bark, Lunch, and Apple" by Daniel Killen

“Bark, Lunch, and Apple” by Daniel Killen

“’The Wizard of Oz’ is a landmark Oscar-winning movie and with the marketing push being planned by Warner Bros. for the next year, the film will be on consumer’s minds providing fine art galleries, gift shops, and other venues with a built-in promotional campaign,” explained Kausen, “and we plan to produce artwork suitable for every venue, from gift shops to the most sophisticated art gallery settings. In addition to “The Wizard of Oz” we have been authorized by Warner Bros. to create artwork based on several other of their classic film properties including “Gone With The Wind,” “A Christmas Story,” “King Kong,” “Iron Giant,” “300,” and “Corpse Bride.”

"Sleeping Dorothy" by Kathy Daywalt

“Sleeping Dorothy” by Kathy Daywalt