New Paintings from Christopher Scardino

The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to announce the recent arrival of two new oil paintings by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino.

Combining his love for renaissance art and the cartoon characters so memorably brought to life by Chuck Jones, has inspired Chris to develop a dialogue between the two. In one of the new paintings, “Baroque Bugs” we find Bugs Bunny lounging in toga and flora wreath, carrot juice in a delicate glass bowl at his fingertips, the fruits of the season arrayed in front of him a la Italian painter Caravaggio’s “Bacchus”. Chris has given Bugs the same grand gesture, the comparable chiaroscuro, and the insouciance that characterizes not only Caravaggio’s painting (and life), but that of Bugs Bunny as well.

"Baroque Bugs" oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 27" x 21" framed.

“Baroque Bugs” oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 27″ x 21″ framed.

The second painting, “Man’s Best Friend” puts Marvin Martian on the pedestal he so richly deserves. Imagining what Michelangelo might have sculpted had he had Marvin as a model. we find the otherworldly creature standing proud and tall against the constellations in the night sky above him, his faithful companion, K-9, conveniently ‘covering’ for him. Again, as in “Baroque Bugs”, Chris’s clever insight into the character enriches the viewing experience.

"Man's Best Friend" oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 25" x 19" framed.

“Man’s Best Friend” oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 25″ x 19″ framed.

Chris has said about his work, “I hope that this work will spawn other ideas and…with respect to the nucleus of my work, I hope to awaken an emotion inside us all.”

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