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New Paintings from Christopher Scardino

The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to announce the recent arrival of two new oil paintings by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino.

Combining his love for renaissance art and the cartoon characters so memorably brought to life by Chuck Jones, has inspired Chris to develop a dialogue between the two. In one of the new paintings, “Baroque Bugs” we find Bugs Bunny lounging in toga and flora wreath, carrot juice in a delicate glass bowl at his fingertips, the fruits of the season arrayed in front of him a la Italian painter Caravaggio’s “Bacchus”. Chris has given Bugs the same grand gesture, the comparable chiaroscuro, and the insouciance that characterizes not only Caravaggio’s painting (and life), but that of Bugs Bunny as well.

"Baroque Bugs" oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 27" x 21" framed.

“Baroque Bugs” oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 27″ x 21″ framed.

The second painting, “Man’s Best Friend” puts Marvin Martian on the pedestal he so richly deserves. Imagining what Michelangelo might have sculpted had he had Marvin as a model. we find the otherworldly creature standing proud and tall against the constellations in the night sky above him, his faithful companion, K-9, conveniently ‘covering’ for him. Again, as in “Baroque Bugs”, Chris’s clever insight into the character enriches the viewing experience.

"Man's Best Friend" oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 25" x 19" framed.

“Man’s Best Friend” oil on board by Christopher Scardino, 25″ x 19″ framed.

Chris has said about his work, “I hope that this work will spawn other ideas and…with respect to the nucleus of my work, I hope to awaken an emotion inside us all.”

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It’s the Real Thing — The Art of Fran Lew

The dynamic, carefully wrought charcoal drawings by artist Fran Lew are now represented by the Chuck Jones Galleries. With her rich use of texture and subtle emotional undercurrent, Lew’s drawings are more than mere representations of classic film moments, they breathe life into the actors. What would, in lesser hands, be a fine portrait, become living beings in hers. Her unique ability to reach deeply inside her own self to discover the emotional core of her subject separates Lew from other celebrity portrait artists.


Fran Lew comes from a long line of artists and philosophers. She began drawing at her father’s side at the early age of three. Her formal studies earned her an MFA degree from Boston University. She did her postgraduate work in Venice, Italy at the renowned Palazzo Grassi International Center for Painting and Design. In New York City, she studied at the Art Students
League under masters Daniel Greene and John Howard Sanden; and later moved to White Plains, New York, where she studied under the tutelage of the renowned award winning instructor, Cesare Borgia; protégé of the late Frank Reilly, and founder of the Reilly League of Artists.

The late Frank Reilly is considered one of America’s foremost teachers of realism; and Fran Lew’s growth as an artist is chiefly attributed to her exposure to the Reilly principles of painting. This influence was everywhere evident at her exhibits, among which were Portraits and Figures at the prestigious Columbus Club and Grand Central Art Galleries in New York City. Everyone seeing her work is at once impressed with the deep respect Fran Lew has for the traditions of the Old Masters presented through her own contemporary vision.


“Ms. Lew is noted for her ability to synthesize a classically-based technique with a contemporary sensitivity. She disarms the formality of the portrait genre by the warmth and humanity of her perception. Her intelligence and receptivity are vital contributing factors to her accomplished style.” –Grand Central Art Galleries

Sam Spade_FINAL

Public Collections: Cornell Museum; Sherwin Miller Museum; Maitland Art Center Museum; State of Israel Collection; Brooklyn Historical Society

Solo Exhibitions: Columbus Club, New York, 1982; Manhattan Borough President’s Art Gallery, New York, 1989; Pen & Brush Club, New York, 1989; Coalition of Italo-American Assns., New York, 1990; Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, 1990

Group Exhibitions: Palazzo Grassi International Center of Painting and Costume Design, Venice, Italy, 1978; National Arts Club, New York, 1986; Salmagundi Club, 1985, 86, 87; American Artist Magazine Golden Anniversary Exhib. John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, California, 1987; Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, 1987; Hudson Valley Art Assn., New York, 1986-94; Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, 1986-89.

Matilda Cuomo3cropped

Fran Lew, left, presents her portrait of New York First Lady, Matilda Cuomo to the Honorable Mario Cuomo and his wife, Matilda in a ceremonial unveiling at the prestigious Columbus Club in Manhattan. The portrait was later included in the public tour of the executive mansion in Albany. Photo courtesy New York Daily News.

Call your Chuck Jones Gallery Art Consultant for more details or write to us,, about adding the work of Fran Lew to your collection.

Red Dot Auction Photos Now Online

What a fabulous night it was this past Friday, May 9th, as the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity hosted its Red Dot Auction! Over 350 people flowed into the Center’s main gallery space where it was hung with 193 twelve inch square canvases donated by over 175 artists from all levels of experience, from the world-famous to the yet-to-be-discovered. Bidding was robust as the five sections closed throughout the three hours of the event. Tens of thousands of dollars were raised to help support the educational programs of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Special thanks goes out to our Artist Tribute Sponsors, many of whom could not make it that evening, but feel strongly about the success and future of the Center. To view a selection of photographs from the event, click here or on the photo below.

Linda Jones Clough, daughter of Chuck Jones and her son, Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Center, enliven the evening during the Live Auction.

Linda Jones Clough, daughter of Chuck Jones and her son, Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Center, enliven the evening during the Live Auction.

Photo by Stephen Russo.

I Dare You All, Test Your Strength: Open a Book

Chuck Jones found inspiration in many places, but of all of the sources, reading was perhaps the most fertile place for him. Here’s a letter he wrote exhorting its reader(s) to “test your strength: open a book.”

letters of note CJ



Knowing how to read and not reading books is like owning skis and not skiing, owning a board and never riding a wave, or, well, having your favorite sandwich in your hand and not eating it. If you owned a telescope that would open up the entire universe for you would you try to find reason for not looking through it? Because that is exactly what reading is all about; it opens up the universe of humour, of adventure, of romance, of climbing the highest mountain, of diving in the deepest sea.

I found my first experience with Wile E. Coyote in a whole hilarious chapter about coyotes in a book called Roughing It by Mark Twain. I found the entire romantic personality of Pepe Le Pew in a book written by Kenneth Roberts, Captain Hook. I found bits and pieces of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all the others in wonderful, exciting books.

I dare you all, test your strength: Open a book.


[Source: Letters of Note]

7 Hours 44 Minutes Left to Bid Online for the Red Dot Auction!

Gazooks! Online bidding for the Red Dot Auction will end at Heritage Auctions this evening at 8:00 PM PDT. Bidding will resume, live, at the event, at 6 PM, Friday, May 9th at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s Red Dot Auction, their fourth annual spring fundraiser. Get your final absentee bids in by going to Heritage Auctions.

Need tickets? Tickets (just $25.00 per person) are still available online at Doors open at 6 PM for preview and pre-bidding. “Buy It Now” red dots activate at 7 PM.

What? You haven’t perused the amazing works of art donated by over 170 artists this year? Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find, not only now online at the Heritage Auctions, but tomorrow evening at the Red Dot Auction! Be there or be square!

bugs collage bugs elmer dance duck profile scarlet pumpernickel SF untitled. Untitled-075-72dpi Untitled-104 Untitled-105 Untitled-153 Untitled-162 Untitled-167

May the 4th Be with You!

Episode IV Decade III


John Alvin (1949-2008), arguably the most important movie poster artist of the last quarter of the 20th century, created this poster celebrating the 4th decade of the “Star Wars” trilogy.
Released in 2007 at the Celebration IV convention held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Alvin’s tour de force artistry and virtuoso command of media come together in this magnificent 36″ x 21″ fine art print on paper. Limited to just 250 examples and hand-signed by the artist, this image represents the pinnacle of poster art for the Star Wars franchise.
Offered at just $275 unframed, we are thrilled to be able to offer this important work to the public. Quantities are limited, so call today to order your “Episode IV Decade III Star Wars” poster!

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