Chuck Jones Gallery Artist, Bob Elias, Makes the Scene at the LYFT Launch!

LYFT, the ride-share App that’s making it’s way across the country sporting a fluffy pink mustache, arrived in Orange County this past week with a launch party held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

pink mustache daffyAttended by over 1000 of OC’s brightest and best, LYFT really got into the groove of Orange County, “There are endless reasons to love Orange County. In addition to the dozens of beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines, we appreciate Orange County for spearheading the Real Housewives movement, introducing us to the Bluth family of Arrested Development and acting as the home to the Happiest Place on Earth. What’s not to love?” said LYFT representative Alexandra Warbasse.

Pink was the color of the night.

Pink was the color of the night.

The LYFT group wanted to “Surf into Orange County” so they asked the Center if we had an artist who would embody their spirit and the theme of the evening. Of course, the first words out of our mouth was, “Bob Elias” surf artist extraordinaire. Bob’s been surfing the SoCal waves for decades and is one of the region’s most beloved Surf Artists.

bob elias 3

LYFT provide Bob with a surfboard on which to create the perfect LYFT image for Orange County. And he didn’t disappoint.

Bob Elias


Bob’s concept, a “Woody” at the beach with a pink mustache, was the hit of the party.

Austin Schumacher Will Farino Alexandra Warbasse


Surf and Chuck Jones Gallery artist, Bob Elias, second from left is shown with his finished painting. With him are LYFT representatives, from left, Austin Schumacher, Will Farino, and Alexandra Warbasse.

“At last night’s launch party, nearly 1000 of the first local community members celebrated the arrival of the pink mustache in Lyft’s 17th market, and the 5th in California alone. Among Orange County’s amazing founding group of drivers, you’ll find the football coach of a Heisman trophy winner, a pro female surfer and three costumed Disneyland characters. Keep an eye out for them on the 405!” — from LYFT’s blog.




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