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Chuck Jones Gallery Artist, Bob Elias, Makes the Scene at the LYFT Launch!

LYFT, the ride-share App that’s making it’s way across the country sporting a fluffy pink mustache, arrived in Orange County this past week with a launch party held at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

pink mustache daffyAttended by over 1000 of OC’s brightest and best, LYFT really got into the groove of Orange County, “There are endless reasons to love Orange County. In addition to the dozens of beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines, we appreciate Orange County for spearheading the Real Housewives movement, introducing us to the Bluth family of Arrested Development and acting as the home to the Happiest Place on Earth. What’s not to love?” said LYFT representative Alexandra Warbasse.

Pink was the color of the night.

Pink was the color of the night.

The LYFT group wanted to “Surf into Orange County” so they asked the Center if we had an artist who would embody their spirit and the theme of the evening. Of course, the first words out of our mouth was, “Bob Elias” surf artist extraordinaire. Bob’s been surfing the SoCal waves for decades and is one of the region’s most beloved Surf Artists.

bob elias 3

LYFT provide Bob with a surfboard on which to create the perfect LYFT image for Orange County. And he didn’t disappoint.

Bob Elias


Bob’s concept, a “Woody” at the beach with a pink mustache, was the hit of the party.

Austin Schumacher Will Farino Alexandra Warbasse


Surf and Chuck Jones Gallery artist, Bob Elias, second from left is shown with his finished painting. With him are LYFT representatives, from left, Austin Schumacher, Will Farino, and Alexandra Warbasse.

“At last night’s launch party, nearly 1000 of the first local community members celebrated the arrival of the pink mustache in Lyft’s 17th market, and the 5th in California alone. Among Orange County’s amazing founding group of drivers, you’ll find the football coach of a Heisman trophy winner, a pro female surfer and three costumed Disneyland characters. Keep an eye out for them on the 405!” — from LYFT’s blog.




Creativity Meets the San Jose Convention Center!

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was invited to participate in the grand opening ceremonies of the newly renovated and rebuilt San Jose Convention Center. George Daugherty, a recently installed board member of the Center and also the Music Director and Conductor for Ballet San Jose made the connection between the two entities. He performed his award-winning “Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II” as part of the opening day ceremonies on family day, October 10th, which featured several of Chuck Jones’s Looney Tunes cartoons.

Chris Pamala CJ blog

Pamala Meador, right, a local artist and business owner from Morgan Hill, graciously set aside her busy schedule to assist the Center’s resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino during the San Jose Convention Center’s Grand Opening Family Day.

The Center provided an exhibition of artwork from the Chuck Jones masterpiece, “What’s Opera, Doc?” as well as an recreation of the famous chaise longue upon which Bugs as Brunhilde entices the unsuspecting Elmer Fudd as Siegfried. Our resident teaching artist, Christopher Scardino, accompanied by local artist, Pamala Meador (Morgan Hill), who graciously set aside her busy schedule to work with families and children attending the festivities. A good time was had by all!

create your own ACME cj blog

Create your own ACME Invention!

chris squating cj blog

Christopher Scardino gives his undivided attention to a participant. All photographs by Tony Damiano. Thanks Tony!


“There’s No Place Like Home” New Art from the Iconic Film, “The Wizard of Oz”

Costa Mesa, CA:  Craig Kausen, President of Linda Jones Enterprises, announced today that the venerable art publishing house founded by his mother Linda in 1977 has been appointed by Warner Bros. to produce, publish, and distribute art based on the 1939 classic film starring Judy Garland, “The Wizard of Oz”.

Glitz & Goodness_Revised Logo

“We’re excited to work with our current collection of artists as well as with some bright new talent to bring to the art marketplace images that will appeal across generations,” Kausen said, “’The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the most significant films of the past 100 years, it made a star out of Judy Garland, and ushered in the use of Technicolor. Many of the songs, characters, and spoken words are considered national treasures. It is truly one for the ages.”

"Startling Stories: Tin Man" by Andrea Alvin

“Startling Stories: Tin Man” by Andrea Alvin

Warner Bros. premiered the re-mastered 3D IMAX version of the film at a gala private party at the newly restored Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Sunday, September 15. This version of the film will then go into wider distribution. In addition, characters from the film will debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2013 and 2014 as well Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical version of the tale; “The Wizard of Oz” will begin a 20-city U.S. tour this fall. Along with the release of collector books, toys, and children’s programming, Warner Bros. is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to bring “There’s No Place Like Home” to communities around the country.

"Ruby Slippers" by Steven Chorney

“Ruby Slippers” by Steven Chorney

Linda Jones Enterprises will present new work specially commissioned for this major anniversary by such well-known artists as Andrea Alvin, John Alvin, Steven Chorney, and Mike Kungl. They’ll be introducing work by Kathy Daywalt, Daniel Killen, Robert Delgadillo (AKA RAD), T. J. Novy, and Joseph Yakovetic.

"Bark, Lunch, and Apple" by Daniel Killen

“Bark, Lunch, and Apple” by Daniel Killen

“’The Wizard of Oz’ is a landmark Oscar-winning movie and with the marketing push being planned by Warner Bros. for the next year, the film will be on consumer’s minds providing fine art galleries, gift shops, and other venues with a built-in promotional campaign,” explained Kausen, “and we plan to produce artwork suitable for every venue, from gift shops to the most sophisticated art gallery settings. In addition to “The Wizard of Oz” we have been authorized by Warner Bros. to create artwork based on several other of their classic film properties including “Gone With The Wind,” “A Christmas Story,” “King Kong,” “Iron Giant,” “300,” and “Corpse Bride.”

"Sleeping Dorothy" by Kathy Daywalt

“Sleeping Dorothy” by Kathy Daywalt