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Actress June Foray to Receive Creative Arts Emmy for Lifetime Achievement!

Actress of a thousand voices, the inimitable June Foray will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Creative Arts Emmy at a ceremony September 15. On the 21st of September, Foray will celebrate her birthday at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood during the “Chuck 101” festivities celebrating the 101st birthday of animation director and producer, Chuck Jones. To learn more and to buy your tickets for the event at the Egyptian Theater, click here.


The amazing June Foray.

Art Unexpected! at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Photographer and creative director, Mick Victor will be leading two workshops of his wonderful “Art Unexpected!” at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity on August 22, 23 (9 to 11 AM each day) and again on August 27, 28 (2 to 4 PM each day).



About his abstract photography class Victor says, “ In the Art Unexpected class, we’re looking more closely at the everyday things around us and framing them with our camera so they might appear to be something else that’s strange, or beautiful, or scary, or fun.  The images are so terrific and surprisingly wonderful pieces of art that we never expected were there. In a frame on the wall they are AMAZING! ”

Day 1: Cameras are provided by the instructor and handed out in the beginning of class.Learn to use the camera, go discovering in a field shooting session and your new photographs will be reviewed immediately afterward with Mick Victor

Day 2: See a big screen presentation of everyone’s best photographs and engage in an open, fun and informative discussion about “Art Unexpected” images captured! Take home your digital images! Check out your images on ArtWise!

Two Sessions Available!

Session 1: August 22-23, 2013 at 9:00-11:00am (each day)

Session 2: August 27-28, 2013 at 2:00-4:00pm (each day)

Register today by clicking here or on the artwork featured above!


  • -Pre-registration required
  • -Minimum 5 students for a class, maximum 25 students
  • -Art Unexpected session is 2-consecutive days
  • -$60 per student
  • -Ages 7-12
  • -Cameras are provided by the instructor
  • -Each student should bring a minimum 500 Megabyte thumb drive

-Class held at the Center: 3321 Hyland, Suite A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Questions: Sasha Advani, (949) 660-7793 x107 or

New work from Mick Victor:

yellow and Blue.001In a recent interview, Mick said about “Yellow and Blue”, “I’m so not fancy. In fact my camera is mostly simple and is really just a necessary capturing device. I don’t do ANY photoshop as I try to make sure everything happens in my Canon SLR first.

Sometimes I turn down the exposure and mid tones a little but that’s kind of it. The vibe you have to enter to “see” these in alleys etc is different and I LOVE that side of the art.The mere juxtaposition is so amazing. This weekend when I captured these two pieces in a downtown LA alley there were these guys about 10 feet from me smoking a massive amount of dope [clouds] but it mixed well with the overwhelming urine smell by the wall right where I was shooting.

OK so then right in the middle of all that there is this beauty. This sort of “morning yellow and blue” that’s at first glance, shadowy and dingy as hell but when your camera looks at it only…. and you give it plenty of light, then it’s like you’re living in one world [piss and dope] but your eyes and your mind and soul are in a perfectly other beautiful space. And that’s where I like to stay for as long as I find safety and peace or excitement or exhilaration.

Framing, reframing, reconsidering, re-shooting.”


Did You Know?

That Chuck Jones and Ted Geisel, AKA Dr.Seuss, were friends? Not only did they work together on US Military training films during WWII and two of the most beloved Dr. Seuss TV specials ever (“How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and “Horton Hears A Who!”, they also maintained a friendly correspondence over the years.

Jones and Geisel focused 72dpi


Chuck Jones (L) and Ted “Dr. Seuss” Geisel at the recording session for “Dr.Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” from 1966.

The reason Chuck Redux is sharing this with you is that on Saturday, August 10th from 6 to 9 PM at the Chuck Jones Gallery–San Diego (232 Fifth Avenue, across from the Hard Rock Hotel), the exhibition “Hats Off to Dr. Seuss” will open. In among all of the fabulous, exotic, and crazy hats will be some of mail exchanged between these two titans of entertainment as well as never-before-seen story concepts for the TV special they produced, “Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat”.

So, grab your keys and drive yourself down to the Chuck Jones Gallery, 232 Fifth Avenue, San Diego (888-294-9880 or on Saturday to view this exciting exhibition.

P.S. Much of what you’ll see will also be for sale!  Leave room in the trunk!