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How to Celebrate 100 Years of Joy! Chuck Jones Film Festival at the Alex Theatre

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Order your tickets today by clicking the image above or visiting the Alex Theatre website,   

The Chuck Jones Centennial Celebration Film Festival will be an evening devoted to honoring the artist who brought to life such famous cartoon characters as Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Pepé le Pew, Marvin Martian, and Marc Anthony. Hosted by the family of Chuck Jones, the evening will include reminiscences from noted artists* whose careers and lives have been impacted by Chuck Jones and the work he created.

Of course, there will be cartoons, many of them from Jones' personal 35mm collection. Chuck Jones, whose credits include four Academy Award-winning short films, directed over 300 films in his lifetime, with such memorable titles as "Rabbit Seasoning?", "Robin Hood Daffy", and "Feed the Kitty".  In 1992 his "What's Opera, Doc?" was the first short animated film to be inducted into the Library of Congress' National Film Registry, subsequently two others have been added, "One Froggy Evening" and "Duck Amuck".  Jones, an honorary lifetime member of the Director's Guild, is considered to be one of the pioneers of the animated film, feted and honored at dozens of International Film Festivals from Annecy to Zagreb.  In 1985 Jones was the subject of a film retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.  In 1999, Jones founded the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, a non-profit public charity whose vision is to inspire the innate creative genius within each person that leads to a more joyous, passionate, and harmonious life and world.

Join the Jones family (Marian, Linda, Craig, Todd, and Valerie) as they welcome our special guests, including:

*Carl Bell, animator and clean-up artist, will be one of the presenters. A Governor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Bell worked with Jones in the late 1960s and early 1970s at MGM. His career includes work with Clampett Productions early in his career and most recently with Disney Studios.

*Eric Goldberg:  Eric Goldberg joined Disney Studios in 1990 as the supervising animator responsible for the movements, personality and soul of the Genie in Aladdin.  Goldberg's strong background in animation next earned him his directorial debut on Pocahontas, which he followed up as the supervising animator on Phil, the salty satyr and trainer of heroes in Hercules.  Goldberg also directed the "Carnival of the Animals" and "Rhapsody in Blue" segments ofFantasia 2000, the continuation of Walt Disney's 1940 masterpiece.Goldberg not only served as the director of animation for Warner Bros.' 2003 live-action and animation hybrid feature "Looney Tunes: Back in Action," but he also provided the voices of the cartoon characters Marvin Martian, Tweety and Speedy Gonzalez.  Working with Bob Kurtz of Kurtz + Friends, he animated the title sequence of MGM's 2006 remake of "The Pink Panther".  His relationship with Chuck Jones began in the early 1990s and continued until Jones' passing in 2002.

*Jerry Beck is an animation historian, author, blogger, animation producer and industry consultant to Warner Bros. Studios and has been an executive with Nickelodeon and Disney. 

More names of presenters as they become available.

The Alex Theatre is located at 216 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91203. The phone number is 818-243-ALEX (2539).

Chuck Jones’s Mercedes Convertible Highlight of Mercedes-Benz Club of Orange County’s Summer Fun Run

Over 30 members of the Mercedes-Benz of America Club–Orange County paid a visit to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity yesterday where they were able to view Chuck Jones's 1970 280 SE Mercedes-Benz convertible. 

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They were particularly impressed by the fact that the top has never been folded down and as a result is in "like new" condition!

Jones, when asked how he'd like to be paid for some consulting work he'd done for friends, demurred, but they insisted so he pointed at a toy Mercedes-Benz convertible on their desk and said one of those would be fine (meaning the toy replica.) A week later, the 280 SE showed up in his parking space. 

The convertible is still on display at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. Come on by and see it for yourself! The Center is open Wednesday through Monday from 10 AM to 6 PM and closed on Tuesday. 

Jones Family Gathering, the Past

The Jones Family Gathering is scheduled for September 21 through September 23 at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. This “by invitation only” event is now in its 17th year and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the original collectors who attended the very first one at our gallery in Chuck’s home town of Corona del Mar in 1995 along with the more recent additions to the Family. This year’s event is going to be a spectacular spectacular! 

JFG 1995
At our first Jones Family Gathering, Chuck took the opportunity to embellish a tablecloth with a drawing that grew out of a spilled coffee stain and signed it L. da Vinci! He also created another drawing on one of the stable doors of Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. It was amazing! He’d drawn a line, maybe two or three inches long and then turn to the assembled and comment about drawing or coyotes or road runners, or making cartoons, and then he turned back to the door and add another little line here and one there until the image was completed.


Here’s a photo with the back of collector Carol Erickson’s head. She’s stuck around so long she now works for us here in Costa Mesa! You’ll want to get the inside scoop from her when you’re here for JFG. 

The next year we held the Jones Family Gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We hosted a Chuck Jones Film Festival at the Lensic Theater, and the Family got together for lunches, dinners, and lots & lots of laughs. Noted American sculptor, Paul Moore, even created a special award for Chuck, called the “Chucky” (see below) which delighted Chuck no end and all of us too. (Thank heavens for the discreetly placed sword!)


And on the last day of the weekend, we all got together for another group photo.

If you look close enough you’ll see some faces that, albeit a little older and a little grayer, are still here to welcome you to this year’s Jones Family Gathering. 

Remember, if you get in on Thursday the 19th, please stop by the gallery from 7 to 9 PM for a glass of wine (or a beer) and say hello. Otherwise we’ll see your smiling faces Friday morning at 10 AM sharp!

Saturday Morning Cartoons & Quick Draw!

Join the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the Center for Living Peace for Saturday morning cartoons & quick draw the first Saturday of the month beginning September 1st! Chapman University professor of animation, Doug Lothers, will lead aspiring artists on a journey of creativity. Suggested donation $1.00 to $5.00. 

This program will be held at the Center for Living Peace, 4139 Campus Drive, Irvine 92612.

Enjoy the escapades of Bugs Bunny, Pepé Le Pew, Daffy Duck, and more of the characters generations have loved for decades! We'll watch Chuck Jones’ animated world unfold before our eyes and periodically stop to capture that "best moment" without having time to think.  We'll watch some more and do it again and again to create unforgettable memories of that day.  

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity inspires joy and innovation in people of all ages, energizing them to transform their lives, their communities, and society as a whole.  The best way to tap into pure creativity, the energy that dwells inside all of us, we need to trust our minds and hands and NOT think.  Whether it's watching a cartoon or watching your child play, we hold onto the best moments of our day in pictures and store them away as brilliant memories.  Chuck Jones would do the same thing, only he would draw on those memories and turn them into beautiful art.  For Cartoon Quick Draw, we get the chance to be Chuck Jones for an hour. 


Super-artist John Ramirez to Lead 2 Animation Workshops

Are you in the Dayton, Ohio area? The awesome and amazing John Ramirez will be leading two incredible animation workshops for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity at the Dayton Art Institute this weekend. You should go and sign up for them! Click here for more details! It's all part of the Super Hero Summer at the Dayton Art Institute.

DSC_8431 cjcc blog
John Ramirez with Linda Jones Clough, daughter of Chuck Jones and Trustee of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.





Photo by Stephen Russo

Meet Leonard Maltin at Creativity Season!

Film Critic, Author, Historian to Be the Special Host

Chuck Jones Center for Creativity Fall Fundraiser

Costa Mesa, CA: The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity announced today that noted film critic, author, and historian, Leonard Maltin will be the special host for the fall fundraiser, Creativity Season, to be held Saturday, September 22, 2012 from 6 PM to 10 PM at the Center, 3321 Hyland Avenue, Suite B, Costa Mesa, CA in the South Coast Collection (SoCo). Creativity Season will include a Chuck Jones Big Draw starring several of today’s most noted artists working in animation and other media.

“Red Carpet” tickets are $100.00 per person and include an exclusive cocktail party to meet Mr. Maltin along with artists and film directors such as Rob Minkoff (director, “The Lion King”), Kelly Asbury, (director “Gnomeo and Juliet”), George Daugherty (Creator and Conductor of “Bugs Bunny on Broadway”), and Mike Peraza (Disney Art Director “The Little Mermaid”).  

“Gala” tickets are $50.00 and include cocktails beginning at 7 PM, the Chuck Jones Big Draw, and dinner. Silent and live auctions will be presented throughout the evening and after dinner Mr. Maltin will deliver a short paean to Chuck Jones.

The evening will be catered by the Center’s partner, 24 carrots Catering & Events. Tickets may be purchased online at or by phone at 949-660-7793.

“If you love the movies, you’ll love meeting Leonard,” said Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones’s daughter, Board member of the Center as well as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.  “His depth of knowledge of all things film and his love for the work my father created during his lifetime are astonishing. We’re delighted he has agreed to join us for this important fundraiser.”

“The Chuck Jones Big Draw we have planned will give our patrons and donors the opportunity to interact with some of today’s most creative talent working in animation and the arts today,” said Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Center and Chuck’s grandson. “And it will also help explain the important work we do. It is a challenge these days to find adequate arts education; creativity is one of the most important attributes of highly successful scientists, mathematicians, and business leaders. The Center is committed to helping everyone, but particularly children, find the creative genius that resides in each of us.”

The artists who will be attending include:

George Daugherty – Symphonic conductor, Creator and Conductor of Bugs Bunny On Broadway and Bugs Bunny at the Symphony, producer/director of Chuck Jones’ Peter and the Wolf, Emmy Award winning producer and director for ABC, Warner Bros., and PBS
David Ka Lik Wong – Creator and Producer of Bugs Bunny On Broadway and Bugs Bunny at the Symphony, producer of Chuck Jones Peter and The Wolf, Emmy Award winning producer for ABC, Warner Bros., and PBS

Rob Minkoff: Director of Lion King, Stuart Little, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Haunted Mansion

Jeff DeGrandis: Producer of Dora the Explorer, Director for Chuck Jones Enterprises, Animator at Disney and Warner Bros.

Chris Bailey: Animation Director of Hop, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Kim Possible, Animator on Lion King

Kelly Asbury: Director of Gnomeo and JulietShrek 2, Writer of Chicken Run and Beauty and the Beast

Eric Goldberg: Director of PocahontasFantasia/2000, Animation Supervisor of AladdinPrincess and the Frog, and Hercules

Mike Peraza: Disney Art Director The Little Mermaid, Warner Bros. Animation Director, Production Designer- Anastasia, Concept- Ice AgeBeauty & Beast, Roger Rabbit, Aladdin, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck; Disney Parks Designer Carsland, Fantasyland.

John Ramirez: Designer, Art Director, Animator, Illustrator for such films as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Hercules, and Toy Story II 

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was founded in 1999 by four-time Academy Award recipient and legendary animation creator and director, Chuck Jones. The Center’s vision is to inspire the innate creative genius within each person that leads to a more joyous, passionate, and harmonious life and world.

These are important goals, particularly in today’s world, when arts education is practically non-existent; we are dedicated to re-invigorating the creative spirit and we are doing it through art classes, exhibitions, lectures, and film festivals, all of which spring from the material in the Chuck Jones archive. Jones was a determined saver and his writings, art, and other ephemera from a nine-decade life, along with his philosophy of guiding and nurturing instruction, form the basis of our programs.

For more information, photo files, or to arrange an interview, please call Robert Patrick at 949-660-7791 x 22103 or via email