“Hare Conditioned”

We can't let Friday slip by without a Chuck Jones cartoon.  "Hare Conditioned" dropped into theaters nationwide on August 11, 1945 starring Bugs Bunny–"A rabbit's woik is never done"–and a character based on Throckmorton P. (Philharmonic) Gildersleeve, a popular character from radio's "Fibber McGee and Molly".  Much hilarity ensues.  Directed by Charles M. Jones with story by Tedd Pierce.  Animation provided by Ken Harris, Ben Washam, Basil Davidovich and Lloyd Vaughn.  


3 thoughts on ““Hare Conditioned”

  1. Nicholas

    Why is the movie presented inside a SQUARE frame ? That is not the original screen shape. It’s like the sides of the screen have been cropped out . That’s just wrong.


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