Illudium Q36 Explosive Space Modulator or How Mike Kungl Saved the Planet

Artist and interplanetary traveller Mike Kungl visited the Chuck Jones Gallery in Tustin today (also the secret headquarters of Linda Jones Enterprises and home to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity) to deliver his portrait of the elusive and nefarious Marvin the Martian in time for display at the Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego during this year's Comic Con International.  Shown here holding his newest mixed media on canvas, "Q36" with earthlings (from left) Scott Dicken, Craig Kausen,and Robert Patrick, Kungl looks set to take over the planet with his stellar painting style and out-of-this-world charm.  

If you're visiting San Diego for Comic Con, look for this new work in the gallery, now available as a fine art print on paper; it's one you won't want to miss for fear of interfering with Marvin's plans to take over the planet.   But before I give too much away, I must don my disintegration-proof vest!  

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