“United Hare Lines”

GICLEE101 copy
Chuck Jones loved to travel.  Europe, Australia, the Far East, or even East L.A.  Regardless of where he set his sights, his sketchpad and paints were sure to follow.  "United Hare Lines" addresses the Jones wanderlust with wit and his trademark droll sense of wordplay.   

Chuck received his ‘wings’ (silver plastic) with this handwritten commendation, “On this day, in the year of our Lord, June 26, 1971, Chuck Jones is hereby instated as a distinguished Junior Pilot.  Mr. Jones is to be extended all courtesies and honors befitting such a command for his tireless efforts and unending talents.”  It was signed by the entire crew of Astrojet Flight 53 from Toronto to Los Angeles and now hangs in a place of honor at the offices of Chuck Jones Enterprises.

With his undaunted sense of whimsy (who ever heard of a rabbit flying an airplane?) and an unerring hand with a paint brush, Chuck Jones has placed the intrepid Bugs Bunny at the helm of a flying machine whose motto is “Good to the last drop” (it would only take one…)   Even the most discriminating acrophobe is sure to love this painting!


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