“The Wearing of the Grin” 1951

It's hard to believe that this cartoon is 60 years old!  Where does the time go?  As we draw closer to that time of year when "everyone is a little bit Irish" we give you Chuck Jones's 1951 "The Wearing of the Grin"–starring the much put-upon and often-maligned Porky Pig.  Beset by the leprechauns and just about everything else you were taught came from Ireland (if you're a certain age, at least)–pots of gold, wee folk, four-leaf clovers (shamrocks), blarney (oh, there's plenty of blarney in this one, that's for sure!), and after all that, Porky makes his escape through a Dali-esque landscape (layouts by Robert Gribbroek, backgrounds painted by Philip DeGuard.)  


3 thoughts on ““The Wearing of the Grin” 1951

  1. Mickey

    Considered the last great Porky Pig cartoon without a WB character but also one of Jones’ best Porky Pig cartoons without Daffy Duck or Charlie Dog, Is Chuck Jones’ grandparents had Irish ancesors or if there”s any family tree related to him.


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