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Image of the Day: Johnson the Cat

CHAM-01-036 copy
How can you not love Johnson the Cat?  He's a half-a-grapefruit-space-helmet-wearing-swim-in-the-ocean cat, after all, and that has to count for something in the annals of catdom, don't you agree?  To learn more about Johnson (other than what you've just found out, obviously), dive into your nearest copy of Jones's autobiography, "Chuck Amuck" and turn to pages 12 through 23 for the side-splitting hilarity that is the character of a peculiar cat.  

P.S.  The drawing is graphite and colored marker on notepaper, 10.5" x 8.5", by Chuck Jones, circa late 1980s.

It’s All Happening at the Center!

Our friends (and cartoon co-conspirators) at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity are gearing up for some changes on their blogs, both at and our sister blog, Now Hare This!  Make sure you add them to your RSS feed or even better, sign up for the newsletter & blog updates!

One of the new features coming to the blogs is called "The Chuck Jones Character of the Week": Starting this Wednesday, you will see a new weekly feature on their blogs called, “The Chuck Jones Character of the Week.”  In the spirit of Chuck’s ideas and creations, we will be writing a short feature on a different character each Wednesday.  Although our initial character has already been selected, we will be taking nominations for next week’s winner and beyond.  Feel free to comment on our Facebook, Twitter or blog comments page with your nominations!  Whether it’s your favorite character or a character you don’t think gets enough recognition–let us know!  We’ll look through the nominations to see which characters are mentioned most often, factoring your nominations into each week’s selection.

Also:  This Friday, the Center will be taking part in the 2011 Take the Lead program at Cal State Fullerton.  This annual teen summit promotes volunteerism, develops leadership skills and increases social awareness among high school students.  While tickets to the summit are going for $20, students who use the “Chuck Jones Center” name can register for $10!  Last year, our workshop was the highest-rated session of the day.  Craig Kausen, Chuck Jones’ grandson, guided last year’s workshop and returns on Friday with Christopher Scardino for “Get Creative,” a hands-on, wildly imaginative session.  Take the Lead is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in the community, learn important life skills, meet new people — and have fun while doing it.  If you or someone you know is interested, you can register at Take the Lead.  We look forward to seeing you there!


PLOOP! (Sound Effect)

CJLayout-122 copy
When you see the word 'PLOOP!' written with the instruction that it is a sound effect, what noise do you hear?  In this layout drawing (graphite on 12 field animation paper) by Chuck Jones from his 1959 short animated cartoon, "Baton Bunny" and debuting in theaters nationwide on January 10th we find Bugs Bunny struggling with loose cufflinks, a pesky fly and a score (score!) that demands the utmost from its conductor.  Our intrepid rabbit is, of course, up to the task.  

Jones' sound effect note would have been heeded by his long-time sound editor (and film editor) Tregoweth "Treg" Brown (1899-1984) and we're sure he knew exactly what was called for in this scene as Jones and his crew by this time were of a mind, so attuned to each other that the slightest gesture or the least of clues would automatically be interpreted properly.  

Disintegration-Proof Vest

CJCONCEPT-692 copy

"Little does he realize that I have on my disintegration-proof-vest," opines Daffy Duck in this original graphite and India ink drawing on 12 field animation paper by Chuck Jones, created circa mid-1990s.  In preparation for his original line drawing to be transferred to acetate sheets in the production of his cel art editions, Chuck Jones would take a brush and a bottle of India ink and 'paint' the clean line that you see in this drawing.  Linda Jones then would erase the graphite from the paper (for the uninitiated, if you saw Linda doing this, it would give your heart pause, "what could she be thinking, erasing a drawing by Chuck Jones?!?!?")