Image of the Day: “Louvre Come Back to Me” 1962

If you were expecting a St. Patrick’s Day-themed post today, we’re afraid you’re going to be disappointed and we hate to disappoint, but…

Instead, on our way to other things, we came across an original production drawing from the Chuck Jones directed short animated cartoon, “Louvre Come Back to Me” of 1962 of Pepe le Pew with a dog, simply saying “Something?”

LOCO-01-004 copy

Which immediately put us in mind of the delightful cel art edition created by Chuck Jones in 1983 (21 years later!) that the Chuck Jones Galleries have released from archive just for this post, so we can share it with you.  Click the image for more details.


We are always delighted when we can put 2 + 2 together; to discover where inspiration springs (like Irish Spring–there’s the tie-in!) from and how one fine drawing, so full of character, found a second life as an edition that has pleased so many, so many years later.  


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