Video excerpts from the June Foray Reception at the Chuck Jones Gallery–Orange County

Our reception for legendary voice actress, June Foray (Witch Hazel, Granny, Cindy Lou Who, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Natasha Fatale,) started off with a beautiful sunset over the Tustin Marine Corps Base (just to the southwest of our gallery) and went on into the night with a crowd of collectors & well-wishers.  Miss Foray, a vibrant 93 years old, spoke during the evening with hundreds of her fans, food was consumed — there was even music (coming soon!)  All-in-all a lovely evening.  More video to come, watch this space.

(P.S. that's Craig Kausen, Chuck's grandson, on the left of the last photo.)

4 thoughts on “Video excerpts from the June Foray Reception at the Chuck Jones Gallery–Orange County

  1. David Hanson

    Thank you for such a great time at the Roast Beast Feast & June Foray for her wonderful appearance. My wife & I really enjoyed ourselves. It was such a pleasure meeting June, and everyone at the gallery was super nice and a pleasure to talk to. Also, the food was awesome!
    It’s rare to find an event like this and it was a true thrill.
    We will be visiting again soon and look forward to more events at the gallery in Tustin.
    We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Robert

    Dear David,
    Thank you for the kind words. We are so glad you and your wife enjoyed yourselves. It was quite the evening, wasn’t it? it was a swirl of activity; you could say it was an ‘animated’ evening! We look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Robert

    Dear Genevieve,
    Thank you for driving all the way down to come to our show. It was wonderful meeting you and I know everyone is excited about working with you and your company in the future. All the best!


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