Notes on “Another Froggy Evening”


Taking a break from recording the soundtrack for Chuck Jones' 1996 short film, "Another Froggy Evening" are, from left, Linda Jones Clough (producer,) Chuck Jones (director & producer,) with actor, Jeff McCarthy.   "Another Froggy Evening" saw the return of Jones's mythic character, Michigan J. Frog as he traveled through the ages.  

"The person who is missing from this photo is George Daugherty [Who, along with Cameron Patrick, provided the original music score & the arrangements for "Another Froggy Evening". –ed.]   George and I auditioned about twenty singers for the part and Jeff was the only one who came close and he came so close we felt he was channeling the original, unnamed, baritone who voiced Michigan in the original film.  Jeff brought the warmth, enthusiasm, and exactly the right “note” to the job…  Jeff is one of the truly “good” guys and remains a good friend to this day," said Linda Jones Clough in a recent email exchange with Chuck Redux.  Click here to learn more about Jeff McCarthy.

2 thoughts on “Notes on “Another Froggy Evening”

  1. Brent Walker

    Interesting how our hero is drawn to look exactly like Mel Blanc! But the two guys in the Roman Coliseum are evidently an inside hollywood joke. Who are they?

  2. Robert

    Hi Brent,
    That is such a great question! And one that I can’t answer completely right now. Many of the big names are easy to identify, such as Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, Chuck Jones, Stan Freberg, and Linda Jones Clough. Give me a couple of days and I’ll get a key to all of the caricatures in the Coliseum scene and post it along with an image. Thanks for reading Chuck Redux!


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