Image of the Day: What’s Gnu?

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  If you've been following this blog, particularly the Image of the Day posts, you'll know that some of our favorite images by Chuck Jones are those done at the regional zoos, whether it was the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park or the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park or even the smaller Santa Ana Zoo in Orange County, Chuck Jones loved to draw animals (and homo sapiens!)  So, imagine our delight when today, poking around in a file we hadn't had our nose in before, we came across this terrific photo of Chuck speaking with a zoo keeper at the San Diego Zoo.  

Photo33 copy

But, of course, this post would not be complete without a drawing of a denizen of the zoo, so please welcome our 'gnu-est' addition to Jones' 'gnu'anced bestiary portraits, 'Gnu'dara Gnu from Gnu York (pen and ink, with brushwork, on sketch pad paper, 9" x 11" approx.)  

SKAN-01-034 copy

4 thoughts on “Image of the Day: What’s Gnu?

  1. Robert

    Work with me here, Andrew. I had a theme (“Who Gnu”) and got as close as I could, so I fudged a little bit. I looked for a drawing of a gnu, but came up short. Although I couldn’t identify this lovely creature (and many thanks for the Arabian Oryx,) I was trusting that I’d be forgiven anyway. You will forgive me, won’t you?


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