Image of the Day: The World Series 2010 (Rangers vs. Giants)

It's true, these are not drawings from last night's final game of the World Series (Rangers vs. Giants,) but they are two remarkable sketches from the archives of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity that depict that all-American pastime, baseball.

Whether or not you were rooting for San Francisco or Texas, I think we can all agree that Chuck Jones captured the spirit of the game not only in this first drawing (circa mid-1960s) of the manager politely disagreeing with a call made by the umpire (because they are always polite conversations, aren't they?), but also in the second where he explored the anatomy of a pitcher as he prepares to launch a ball across home plate.  Take a moment to really look at the way Jones has delineated the attitude, the mannerisms and the strength of the pitcher with a few deft strokes of his pencil (they all add up to character.)

SKBA-01-017 copy

SKBA-01-016 copy

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