A Special Message from Chuck Jones’ Grandson, Craig Kausen


Mark Twain, my grandfather's favorite author, said, "You can't depend
on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus."

seen people's imaginations snap back into focus during the Chuck Jones
Center's art exhibitions and creativity classes.  Age doesn't matter
when that magical moment happens.  Suddenly, the world becomes a
fascinating place!

For example, at the opening of the Center's newest exhibition, Chuck Jones:  An Animator's Life from A to Z-Z-Z-Z
at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I saw over two
hundred people enthralled by Chuck's work, engaging in animated
discussions or simply absorbing the work in silence.  Creativity springs
from this:  Personal connection with great minds through art.

addition, I've been able to participate as a guest instructor in some
of the Center's unique classes in creativity, including at "Take the
Lead," the annual teen leadership summit in Fullerton, CA; Human
Options, a local shelter for women and children rebuilding their lives
after domestic violence; and Girls Inc. in Costa Mesa.

At Take the Lead and Girls Inc., we offered "Litter"-ally, It's Art!  What's
so special about this class?  Aside from tape and glue, nearly all the
materials used are recyclables and discards re-purposed for original
works created by budding artists.  Wire…egg cartons…berry
baskets…electrical cords…ribbon and yarn…buttons…CDs and
DVDs…spools…shoe boxes…plastic bottles…cereal boxes…fabric and
felt remnants…all were transformed, in less than an hour, into
three-dimensional masterpieces, both abstract and representational.

does this process happen?  We do something very unusual:  We provide a
creative space with the freedom to experiment and have fun with
unorthodox art materials that bypass usual expectations about what art
supplies and finished art "should" look like. 

The point of "Litter"-ally, It's Art!
is that, no matter where we are, we are surrounded by potential art
materials and sources of inspiration.  Creativity springs from this, as
well:  All we need do is pay attention and let ourselves be surprised by
the process.  Chuck Jones believed in the spontaneity of the aware,
open mind–and so do we!

Take the Lead 3.12.2010

(Photo:  Take the Lead Teen Summit, March 12, 2010)

you are reading this blog, I
know that you care about my grandfather's art and his legacy of
imagination.  And because of that I also know that you care about helping people become fully creative
and capable human beings. 

am asking for your help.  Please make your contribution today
through our website (or call 949.660.7793) so that Chuck Jones Center
for Creativity can keep installing exhibitions of Chuck's
original art and offering classes designed to free our creative
spirits and keep our imaginations in focus.  You are an important part
of our creative community, and your gift makes such a difference!

With appreciation,

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences May 14, 2010

Craig Kausen
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

L to R:  Todd Kausen, Linda Jones Clough, Jessica Kausen, Marian Jones,
Valerie Kausen, Craig Kausen at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and

Please contribute today!

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