The Indomitable Stan Lee

Night Only! 

Legendary Comics Creator to Appear at
Chuck Jones Gallery

Unveils the Art of Stripperella for Comic
Con International Collectors

San Diego, CA—The
Chuck Jones Gallery is thrilled to announce that the legendary comic book
superhero creator, POW! Entertainment’s own Stan Lee, will be making a rare in-gallery
appearance, Thursday, July 22nd during the gallery’s opening night
reception (from 6 to 9 PM) for the revealing exhibition of new original and
limited edition 2-D & 3-D art from his provocative graphic series Stripperella.

Stripperella first
gained international attention in 2003 when Lee’s super-heroine action animated
series débuted on Spike TV.   Originally based on (and voiced by) Pamela
Anderson, Stripperella’s ‘day’ job (O.K., it was a night job) as one of the
most famous exotic dancers in the world was her ‘cover’ for her super-powers:
enhanced reflexes and senses combined with really sexy stripper moves, made her
an instant international hit with that most-coveted of marketing demographics,
young males between the ages of 18 and 34. 

Stripperella Poster - So Much Excitement (Medium) 

Stripperella, poster edition of 250, signed by Stan Lee & Anthony Winn, call or write for pricing.

As imagined and brought to life by Lee and his
collaborators, Stripperella was at
once a crushing blow to the stereotypical blond iconography and at the same
time it was glamorous and provocative, all the while winking at the audience
with its double entendre-laced dialogue. 

Now, in collaboration with artist and protégé, Anthony Winn,
Lee has re-imagined Stripperella (red
hair!) and brought her to fiery new life as an animated digital cartoon.  New limited edition artwork, including a
terrific new bronze sculpture, will be premiered at the exhibition’s opening,
July 22nd. 

Whatever you may think you know about the legendary comics
creator Stan Lee is only a sliver of what this icon of the comicbook world has
going on in his life.  Only superlatives
can be used to describe him: 
super-dynamic, super-imaginative, and super-genius.   For
over seven decades, Lee has dominated the comicbook superhero field with his
ingenious creations: their super-human triumphs and all-too-human failures
resonating with millions of readers and fans around the world.  And now, with his exciting new company POW!
Entertainment, Stan is creating more fantastic concepts than ever before.

Caught In the Moment (Small)
"Caught in the Moment" (Stan Lee & Stripperella) limited edition artwork

Anthony Winn has been mentored by the incomparable Stan Lee
since 1999 and their collaborative efforts have resulted in some of the comic
legend’s most provocative and original artwork for a variety of media.  Winn’s innate artistic talent was noticed at
an early age after his family’s harrowing escape from Viet Nam at the close of
the war in 1975.  Settling in southern
California, Winn was soon under the spell of Spider-Man and the legendary work
of Stan Lee. 

About the gallery: 
The Chuck Jones Gallery, located in the heart of San Diego’s
historic Gaslamp District at 232 Fifth Ave., is the destination for art
collectors and visitors from around the world. 
Owned by Linda Jones Enterprises, the publisher and distributor of the
art of the legendary animation creator and director, Chuck Jones, it is the
only gallery in San Diego devoted to the art of the animated film.  Included in the on-going display is art from
all major animation studios as well as original paintings and limited edition
fine art from a variety of internationally known artists and photographers
whose work is entertainment related.  For
more information please call the gallery at 888-294-9880 or online at  Blog: Chuck

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