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Team Kids 5th Annual Imagine Event a Success!

Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity was the 2010 Imagine Event Chair for the Team Kids 5th Annual Imagine Event. 

"When I reconnected with Julie [Julie Hudash, Team Kids CEO] late last year and was introduced to Team Kids, I could hardly imagine what depth and breadth the organization entailed. 

"After our first 'official' meeting between Team Kids and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity I felt that I had just met a superlative force emanating from this lovely mother of five.

"Over the next few months I experienced Shop with a Cop, Lemon-Aid, Hearts for Haiti, and the closing festivities of the Team Kids Challenge at Alderwood Elementary School and imagine was all that I could do when it came to the possibilities of Team Kids. 

"The vision and humility that exists, not only with Julie, but throughout the organization is profound.  I am inspired by each and every person I come into contact with who devotes their time, resources, and spirit to the growth and development of Julie's vision.

"That each young person can find the confidence, the experience, and the encouragement that they can and will make a difference in our world is a singularly important dream that Team Kids not only sees, but brings to fruition again and again.

"Someone asked me recently why I agreed to be the Chairperson of the Imagine Event.  My answer was simple, "How could I not?

"I laud, not just the achievements of Team Kids, but the methods and attitudes that bring its success to bear.

"My grandfather, Chuck Jones, said that any worthy endeavor was 90% hard work and 10% love and, if done right, only the love would show.

"Team Kids is truly a worthy endeavor."  With utmost respect, Craig Kausen


Linda Jones Clough (left) Trustee of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Julie Hudash (center,) CEO of Team Kids at the May 23rd afternoon event at Il Fornaio in Irvine, California. 

This inspired me today: Chuck and Ray

The comedian and writer, Mike Funt, wrote a terrific review of the Chuck Jones exhibit at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on his blog which I wanted to share with you (besides he shows three favorite Chuck Jones cartoons!)

"I went because of the gallery showing of the work of Chuck
. Jones has always been my favorite cartoonist in animation. I
love the way he draws characters from his versions of Bugs and Daffy to
the Grinch…"  To read the rest of Mike's post, click here

Image of the Day: Rikki Tikki Tavi

RITI-05-012 copy

Original production background layout created by Oscar Dufau and George Wheeler for the Chuck Jones 1975 animated television special, Rikki Tikki Tavi.   One of Rudyard Kipling's stories from his "The Jungle Book," Rikki Tikki Tavi tells the tale of a uncommonly courageous mongoose in Imperial India and the family who adopts it. 

When I First Met Chuck Jones

British writer and broadcaster, Brian Sibley, recently recounted his first meeting with Chuck Jones when Chuck was in London to create a mural for the now shuttered Museum of the Moving Image. 

"As I told Andy, I did have an
encounter with the mighty Chuck when – at least twenty years ago, now – I
hosted a Guardian Lecture with him at London's National Film Theatre.
The event coincided with his coming to Britain to create a huge mural of
Warner Brothers characters for the wall of the Museum of the Moving
Image that (along with the museum itself) is, alas, long gone."  To read the rest of Mr. Sibley's recollection, please visit this page by clicking here

Classic Hollywood: Ray Harryhausen & Chuck Jones Animation Exhibits

Terrific article by Susan King in today's Los Angeles Times about the
Chuck Jones and Ray Harryhausen exhibits at the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences.  Read the full article by clicking on this sentence.

Friday May 14 v2 72 dpi

The Friday night crowd (May 14th) at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Grand Lobby Gallery taking in the exhibit, "Chuck Jones: An Animator's Life From A to Z-Z-Z-Z".  AMPAS is located at 8949 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills.  The exhibit is free to the public and open Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM and Saturday / Sunday from noon to 6 PM.   The gallery is closed on Mondays.  Click here for more information. 

Classic Hollywood: Ray Harryhausen & Chuck Jones Animation Exhibits

Terrific article by Susan King in today's Los Angeles Times about the Chuck Jones and Ray Harryhausen exhibits at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Read the full article by clicking on this sentence.

Image of the Day: Cat Feud

CAFE-01-007 copy

Original layout drawing by Chuck Jones (graphite on 12 field animation paper) created for his 1958 “Cat Feud” (love those pun-y titles!)  Although it’s not Claude Cat (this one’s all orange) he looks remarkably similar and his attempt to ‘cat-nap’ the sweet, little Pussyfoot’s sausage results in a beating not unlike those received by the hapless Claude in many another title. 

One of the defining characteristics of a Chuck Jones cartoon are the hundreds of layout drawings he created to guide his team of animator’s through the story.  Since there was no budget for editing at Warner Bros. after the film was completed, every single frame had to be carefully planned, staged, and filmed so that the finished film was exactly that, finished.  Jones was a master-planner making him one of the great animation directors of all time. 

Image of the Day: What’s Opera, Doc?


“Spear and Magic Helmet” is a limited edition fine art reproduction on canvas created from an original oil painting by Chuck Jones.  Jones began painting his cartoon characters in oil paint in the early 1980s and throughout the rest of his life enjoyed expressing their lives in this manner.  His handling of the paint, particularly in the later work such as “Spear and Magic Helmet” was fresh and spontaneous, exhibiting a nuance of understanding that would have eluded an artist of lesser skill.  Classically trained in the visual arts as he was, Jones’ paintings, not unlike his work in animation, expressed his view of the world and the little things that make us all human.  It is the relationships that matter.  

The Jones short animated film, “What’s Opera, Doc?” was part of an evenings’ worth of animated films that incorporated or otherwise were inspired by classical and operatic music at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this past Friday.  Jim Hill, of Jim Hill Media wrote a great column on his website that you can read by clicking here.

Chuck Jones: An Animator’s Life from A to Z-Z-Z-Z Gala Opening Night Reception

Last night, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in
Beverly Hills opened the exhibit, "Chuck Jones: An Animator's Life From A
to Z-Z-Z-Z" with a gala reception, welcoming over 250 well-wishers
along with the late animation director and creator's family.  

exhibition was curated by Ellen Harrington, the Academy's Director of
Exhibitions and Special Events, and was culled from the archives of
Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the Chuck Jones Collection of the
Warner Bros. Museum.  It includes layout drawings by Jones, along with
storyboards, backgrounds, pre-production concept art & other related
ephemera from Jones' seven decade career.  It is the first (and
largest) exhibition of the art of the animated film ever assembled
solely devoted to the work of one man.  

On hand to welcome the
opening night crowd were Jones' daughter, Linda Jones Clough (pictured
4th from left below) along with her children and their spouses,
grandchild and Jones' widow, Marian Jones (4th from right.)

Jones clan at opening
russo photog
From left: Krista
Kausen, Todd Kausen (Jones' grandson,) Jim Clough, Linda Jones Clough
(Jones' daughter,) Jessica Kausen (great-granddaughter,) Marian Jones
(wife,) Valerie Kausen (granddaughter,) Kimberley Kausen, Craig Kausen
(Jones' grandson.)  Photo by Stephen Russo.

Marian oscar photogs

Marian Jones places Chuck Jones' OscarĀ® for
his 1965 short animated film, "The Dot and The Line" on its pedestal for
the opening of the exhibition.

Todd craig valerie
oscar marian linda jessica 

takes his place of honor during the opening ceremonies surrounded by
Jones' family, from left: Todd, Craig, Valerie Kausen with Marian Jones
(3rd from right,) Linda Jones Clough and Jessica Kausen.  

Tracy john and

Tracy Tanner, President of the Chuck Jones
Council for Creativity (far left) with her husband John (2nd from right)
and friends.

Julie hudash craig
kimberley friend 

Craig Kausen
(2nd from right) Chairman of the Board of Chuck Jones Center for
Creativity takes a moment to pose here with (from left) Laura Baden,
member of the Board of Directors for Team Kids, Julie Hudash, CEO and
Founder of Team Kids and Kimberley Kausen, far right, Craig's wife. 

Valerie rick ball
steve fossatti 

Kausen, co-producer of the bio-doc "The Magical World of Chuck Jones"
and Jones' granddaughter, takes a moment to speak with author Rick Ball
and Stephen Fossati, animated film producer, director and writer.

Marian kimberley

Marian Jones (l) with Kimberley Kausen (and
Linda Jones Clough, left background.)

Cheryl robert tracy 

Cheryl Posner (l) Executive Director of Chuck
Jones Center for Creativity pauses during the festivities to speak with
Robert Patrick and Tracy Tanner, President of Chuck Jones Council
for Creativity, the outreach arm of the non-profit Center.  

Lorie darrell susan 

Smiles all around!  Fans of Chuck Jones, from
left, Hannelore Palcsik, Darrell Park and Susan Palcsik enjoy the

John leigh yetsko 

Leigh (r) and John Yetsko revel in all things
Chuck Jones.

Jessica and valerie 

Jessica Kausen, great-granddaughter of Chuck
Jones and Valerie Kausen, great, granddaughter of Chuck Jones
share the joy of the evening.