Image of the Day: Nescafe Fur Jeden and Bus Queue London


This watercolor (above & currently on view at the Tempe Center for the Arts Chuck Jones exhibition) on paper by Chuck Jones was painted during a trip he took to visit his daughter Linda and her husband while they were living in Berlin, Germany in 1960.  It clearly demonstrates his amazing facility with the medium and his unerring eye for character.  In a similar vein, his "Bus Queue London" watercolor (below) from the same trip in 1960 captures a vibrant joie de vivre that is one of the hallmarks of Jones' style. 

GICLEE-153-BusQueue sm

3 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Nescafe Fur Jeden and Bus Queue London

  1. Robert Patrick

    Aren’t they? Just personally, I think much of his European travel notebooks & paintings hold some of the richest non-animation art he created. But that’s just my humble opinion. Robert

  2. Silvia Liz

    It is so rich in colors, and the composition is so dynamic!! I reminded the one of the Bus Queue, but this of the Nescafe is totally new for me: Wow! thanks for enrich my morning =)


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