How Do You Use Your Creativity?

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How do you use your creativity every day?  We'd like to know!  Drawing on your creative impulses may solve problems, produce positive results and make your day an exceptional one.

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Even when a situation you may be facing at work or in your personal life seems too complex or abstract to be solved easily, drawing on your creativity can help you work through issues step-by-step, producing results that allow you to move forward and succeed.  Let it bubble up and see where it leads you!

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The photos accompanying today's post are from the most recent Girl Scouts class held this past Saturday at the Center's facility in Orange.  As you can see, the young artists were free to create images in a variety of media (based on found objects/recycled materials,) each one producing a work of art that expressed their creativity and their personality.

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And it's true, we would like to hear your stories about how you use your innate creativity in your daily life.  Please leave a comment to this post and give us the details.  We look forward to the conversation! 

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