Image of the Day: Left at Albuquerque


"I shoulda taken a left turn at Albuquerque," laments Bugs Bunny as he finds his bearings on the way to the Carrot Festival in the Coachella Valley.  Perhaps one of the most iconic sentences ever written for the screen, this line sets up the action to come for the Chuck Jones directed 1953 crowd-pleaser "Bully for Bugs."  Chuck Jones remarked that they wouldn't have made a film about bull-fighting if Eddie Selzer, the producer, hadn't stuck his head into Chuck's office during a meeting and said, "No cartoons about bull-fighting."  If Selzer thought a bull-fighting cartoon wouldn't be funny, they had no choice but to make one. ("Left at Albuquerque" hand-painted cel art edition of 250, available at your Chuck Jones Gallery, click through on the image for more details.) 

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