Image of the Day: Chuck Jones’ Marvin Martian


"Marvin is one of those mysterious creatures that come out of the sky or up the stairs late at night.  You don't know what he thinks, and you don't want to know.  It is not simple happenchance that he appears to have no character.  He is a Martian, and you cannot expect to find much personality there.  I gave him a certain amount of gesture, but he expresses little passion; instead of howling with anger and excruciating pain when his plans lie in ruins, he merely and carefully says, "Oh dear; back to the old drawing board."  — Chuck Jones, writing in Chuck Reducks, Drawing from the Fun Side of Life

"Chuck Jones' Marvin Martian" is a hand-painted cel art edition of 100.  Measuring 13.5" x 16.5" (a 16 field cel) it is accompanied by a fine art printed background that has gathered several of Chuck Jones' watercolors of Marvin Martian.  The cel itself was created from an original drawing by Mr. Jones.  We've included "Spaced Out Bunny" directed by Jones in 1980, a segment of his television special, "Bugs Bunny Bustin' Out All Over."  

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