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1919, when Johnson the cat padded into Chuck Jones' beachfront
childhood on his little fog feet, he brought with him something more
significant than his taste for attacking grapefruit (see image, above)
and terrifying swimmers.  Watching Johnson, Chuck learned a
life-changing lesson about humanity:

is the individual, the oddity, the peculiarity that counts…the only
things worth watching in this or any other world are those that
identify and overcome the ordinary."

do people of all ages overcome the ordinary circumstances of their lives to find
the remarkable within themselves?  Many begin to explore their
imaginative potential through the Center for Creativity's public
classes, lectures, and exhibitions.

Here's one example: 

Betsy's story

the fall of 2007, 12-year-old "Betsy" enrolled in the first art class
the Center had offered for young people in quite some time.  A gifted
artist who loved Japanese anime, Betsy rarely spoke in class or
participated in projects suggested by the teaching artist.  Instead,
she kept her head down, her voice low, and her drawings flowing.

programs might have pressured Betsy to conform to class norms; instead,
we encouraged her to draw whatever she wanted.  When the class ended in
December, we asked each student to choose his or her favorite piece of
art for public exhibition.  Betsy selected her drawing of a faceless
young geisha by a stream, entitled "Cherry Blossom Kimono."

In her own words, here is Betsy's description of her work of art: 

to get away from loud noises; someplace to make all the pain go away. 
You can put all your negative emotion into a cherry blossom, let go,
and let it drift away."

As we discovered later, Betsy has
autism and is dealing with her parents' divorce.  Despite her shyness,
Betsy registered for more classes with us, continuing her preferred
style of art and making friends among her classmates.  We always
welcomed her, telling her how happy we were that she kept coming back
to draw and paint with us.

When we last saw her in the spring
of 2009, Betsy had transformed herself into a talkative, vivacious, and
intense young woman who giggled with her friends in class, sat at the
"loud" table, and kept drawing…and drawing…and drawing.

the credit for Betsy's happiness is hers.  We are grateful that the
Center for Creativity could offer her a refuge where she was encouraged
to express her vivid imagination and emotions through art that made
sense to her.

Here's where you step in

With your help, we
can plant the seeds of creativity today so that hundreds of children like Betsy
can blossom into the full experience of their imaginations, giving them
the confidence and attitude needed to change their lives–and the lives
of everyone around them.

1.  Make a donation.  Your
gift of $50-150 helps one young person to participate in one of our
series of classes in creativity through art–a priceless experience
whose richness is different for every child who takes a seat, picks up
a pencil, and releases his or her mind to wonder.

Please donate to the Center for Creativity here.

2.  Take a moment to share this message with one person whom you think should know about us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our creative community today.

(If you're curious about Johnson, read more here!)

Valerie, Linda, Craig at Chapman 12.3.09

Craig Kausen
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

(Photo, L to R:  Valerie Kausen, Linda Jones Clough, Craig Kausen at Chapman University, Leatherby Libraries' dedication of Masters Series)

Through public educational
programs and exhibitions based on the art, writing, teachings, and unique
philosophy of Chuck Jones, our growing creative community inspires joy and
innovation in people of all ages, energizing them to transform their lives,
their communities, and society as a whole.

Two happy artists

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