How Bugs Bunny Changed my Whole Day…

(A note from Craig)

I received a note from Team Kids CEO, Julie Hudash, that brought such joy to me that I had to share.  A week ago I had presented Julie with a small gift in celebration of our new collaboration that we are undertaking with the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and Team Kids.

Her note is listed here:



It's been a few very busy weeks, with back to back programs, and most of my
time invested in what I love most, working with kids.

So, I came in very early to tackle a big project for my Board.  It was
about 6:30AM and still kinda dark.  I sat at my desk feeling overwhelmed
and decided to tackle a few of the less time consuming things on my list
first… to build momentum, you know…

I took a deep breath, a big gulp of coffee, and prepared to dive in, aware
that my usual optimistic, can-do attitude, was somehow still asleep in my

Suddenly, I noticed Bugs looking back at me.   Although I was here by
myself, I smiled and actually laughed to myself.  I thought, hey my staff isn't
here yet, but here I am with Bugs Bunny… and he's working TOO!

There is no doubt that instantly, when I looked at his smirk, I felt a
sense of relief and this message "do the work, but
remember not to take this too seriously…"

My attitude changed… and
suddenly I realized that all tasks on my list aren't things unrelated to the
"fun part of my job", I realized that this is just part of the
gig to help reach more

Thanks Bugs!  Thanks Chuck!  And
thanks Craig for adding exponential inspiration and joy to my

Dream.  Create.  And I promise
not to take anything TOO seriously…
After all, I've got BB watching



I so enjoyed reading this and Julie's thought about not taking it too seriously amazed me and I sent her back Chuck's quote:

“The rules are simple. Take your work, but never
yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will
come out.”
~Chuck Jones

Julie replied with:

What an incredible gift, which I wholeheartedly and passionately

I am confident that this message came to me loud and clear. this morning…
because I so desperately needed it 😉


I hope Bugs Bunny and Chuck's other characters can continue to bring joy and inspiration to each and every person who hears their wonderful messages to smile and laugh every day!


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